Vision Board My goals in the next 10 years

Traveling is always something I've had interest in and plan to do so once I become financially independent
I hope that within the next 10 years I will have a wife and children
As a nurse, I want to work in a hospital, preferably in the E.R
Upon becoming a nurse I will purchase my first home
A goal of mine is drive around a luxurious and spacious vehicle
I have never been a fan of the lack of seasons in Florida, so when I become a nurse I plan to move up north to a place that I can actually experience seasons.
Relaxing is something that I believe is essential to longevity and happiness in life
Being in the health field has always been a consuming part of my life, so when I am not so engulfed with my studies, I plan to take more time to work on my personal fitness
I plan to become a nurse in the next year or two
Something that has always peaked my interest is brewing beer, which I feel could be a fun hobby to have when I am in Colorado on my days off from nursing.
Enjoying the environment is something that I love to do and Colorado is a lovely place to see many different views that I plan to enjoy on a regular basis after moving out there.
Graduating from college and nursing school is something that I dream about on a regular basis and can't wait to make my dreams a reality.
Getting married is something that I didn't use to feel so fondly of, but lately I can't imagine what life in the future would be like without someone to share it with.
Getting a dog is something that I have always wanted to do, but it was never something that seemed realistic while I was in school because I did not have the time needed to take care of it, but after school I believe I will.
Living in Florida has made it so that all year is golfing weather and after completing school I hope to be able to take advantage of that a little before moving up north because I find it very enjoyable and relaxing.

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