Minerva Roman goddess

The Romans believed in different gods and goddesses which is called mythology.Minerva is the Goddess of wisdom, divine counsel, useful Arts, crafts and later war.In Ancient Greek mythology there was a goddess similar to Minerva her name was Athena.Athena was the goddess of wisdom, reason and war. Minervas symbol is the owl this is the same as Athena.


Minerva's father is Jupiterand Athena's father is Zeus.Minerva and Athena were both born the same way.They both were born out of there fathers head fully armored.Both Jupiter and Zeus were the king of the Gods and Goddesses.Minerva did not have any brothers or sisters.Athena did though, she had 26 siblings.Athenas mother was m├ętis she was the goddess of Wisdom, prudence and deep thought.Menervas mother is Juno she is the goddess of marriage and childbirth.


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