Q2 Current Event By: Mason Baker

One of the United States top advisors believes that Russian hackers have changed election results.

Recently the government has traced back the Hacking to people that were typing with Russian keyboards. And that the malware used to possibly change election votes were created from Russian keyboards. James Woolsey, a former CIA director, is one of Trump’s advisors on National Security Issues and he believes that the Russians were behind the hack.

One of Russia’s representatives, Dimitri Pekkov, has said that there is no possibility that the hacks were executed by the Russian government, and that Cyrillic characters could be used anywhere. Woolsey also says that it could have also been more than one party, like maybe China or Iran.

Another US official also said that the US is able to gather a lot of high quality info on Russia, unlike regimes like North Korea, where they are very hard to reach and are very secretive about their intents and what they mean to do to other countries.

Last week the Department Of Homeland Security released a report about how the Russians created the Virus and what it consisted of. It also stated how Russian intelligence and Russian civilians cooperated to create a virus to swing the election. Trump said that he would wait it out and see what the investigation launched by Barack Obama brought up. Trump is supposed to have the situation explained to him by next week.

Some republicans are saying that after Barack leaves office and Trump comes in, that he needs to impose larger sanctions and not just remove agents from the US and have Cyber-Security Sanctions put on the Russians.

“It is clear that Russia has attacked the United States of America. All of our intelligence agencies will affirm that that's been the case. We will work in the Congress to have stronger sanctions in order to prevent further attacks.” Senator John Mccain said while visiting Georgia, a country that went to war with Russia in 2008 when the Georgian president sent troops into disputed territory. Mccain considers these Cyber Intrusions as an “Act Of War”.

US Vs Russia


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