Becoming We ongoing Information and updates regarding the OU health hospitals and ou health physicians merger

Healthcare in Oklahoma is taking another giant leap forward. The University of Oklahoma’s College of Medicine Faculty Practice, OU Health Physicians, (the largest group of physicians in the state with the greatest number of subspecialists) and OU Medicine, Inc. (the currently separately operated hospitals in which they practice) have announced their intent to merge their clinics, hospitals and faculty practices into a single organization to be known as OU Health. This will allow a level of coordinated care for patients that was previously unavailable in Oklahoma. This is a great step forward for the Health Sciences Center and for all Oklahomans, advancing the mission of education, research, and clinical care. The benefits are immense for Oklahoma, our state’s citizens, our students, employees and the patients we serve.

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Why OU Health

States ranked in the Top 10 in healthcare outcomes for their citizens all have one thing in common, a fully integrated comprehensive academic health system that has top-tier research physicians and the hospitals they practice in working together under a single leadership team. Scale, breadth of specialty talent, coordination, and access to research-based treatment available nowhere else in the state are what make OU Health so unique.

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