Gloabal Wind

Global winds are the constant wind patterns. They are found all over the world.

Global Convention Current

The global convention current is what created gloabal wind. They are found from the equator to the poles.

Coriolanus Effect

The Coriolanus effect is the way the wind goes because the world is spinning. It is found around the world.

Global Wind Belts

Major global wind belts are trade winds, the polar easterlies, and prevailing easternlies. They are found all over the earth because there global.


Doldrums are when the the sun heated up the equator and prevents any wind or not that much wind. They are found near the equator.

Horse Latitude

It is latitude 30° north and south of the poles. It is found at both latitude 30°.

Trade Wind

They are the winds between the equator and the north 30° latitude and the winds that blow between the equator and the south 30° latitude. They are found between 30° and 30° latitude.

Prevailing Winds

They are winds that blew east in the 30°- 60° latitudes north and south. They are found between latitudes 30° through 60°.

Jet Streams

About 10 kilometers there are a band of high-speed winds called jet streams. They are found above earths land. They travel at 200-400 miles per hour.

Polar Easterlies

When the Coriolanus effect makes the polar wind go east. They are found in 60° and below north and south.


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