Dr. Dietrich's 2017 Superintendent's Honor Roll Award Winners Each year, This award is given to nominated and selected North Penn employees who dedicate their time and talent to their school district in ways that go above and beyond. Because of our award winners' commitment, north penn is a better place.

Congratulations to our first award recipient, Mr. Bob Lanetti, NPSD Coordinator of Custodial Maintenance!

The first award winner has been described by many of his colleagues as “the single most hard-working person I have ever met.” He is a favorite among all groups of people including community members, teachers, staff, administrators and most importantly, students. Known for his unwavering dependability and warm outreach, the person honored with this year’s first Superintendent’s Honor Roll Award was Bob Lanetti, Coordinator of Custodial Maintenance.

Bob has been a member of the North Penn family for 23 years, working in six of our buildings including Pennbrook, Penndale, Gwynedd Square, Gwyn-Nor, North Penn High School and most recently, the SSC. Throughout each of these 23 years, Bob has always been available to lend a hand to anyone, at any time, under any circumstance. Whether it’s a set-up, a breakdown, an emergency or a minimal request, Bob handles each and every one with the utmost importance. He is always willing to try something new and works tirelessly on his quest to make things more efficient. Bob continuously strives for perfection. His goal is total satisfaction for everyone.

Bob takes the time to get to know people, both students and staff, constantly checking in on how their families are doing and asking about their weekend. He’s a true family man, always speaking highly of his own wife and daughter. Bob’s character has been described as an inspiration by a colleague who referred to him as “the most genuine, compassionate human being I have ever met.”

During his time at the high school, Bob was known for his steadfast commitment to students, staff and the community. No matter what the event, whether district or community-related, Bob was either in attendance, working closeby in the building or a phone call away. The staff felt that they never needed to worry when Bob was taking care of it. They knew that everything they asked for would be exactly as they needed it. According to one of his colleagues, Bob always said that his job was to make everyone else’s easier, and he did that each day with a bright-eyed smile. When the winter season hit, Bob and his crew were up before the sun clearing the high school parking lot to ensure the safety of our students and staff. When the fire hit North Penn in May of 2016, Bob worked around the clock with outside crews to cleanup and repair the damage. Bob is the prime example of what hard work, tireless work ethic and dedication to service look like.

Bob worked two of the more demanding jobs in the district for several months when the transition to having a new head custodian at the high school took longer than anticipated. Bob never complained and shouldered a great deal of the responsibility while transitioning to his new position here at the SSC. We are very appreciate of his willingness to make each of these transitions as smooth as possible while still going above and beyond his responsibilities in both positions and giving each of them 110%.

Congratulations Bob Lanetti on this well-deserved award!

Our next two award recipients are both from Montgomery Elementary School. Congratulations Mrs. Vicki Rinker, Special Education Assistant and Jason Theodore, Physical Education Teacher.

This is the first time in the history of this award that it has been presented it to two employees from the same school at the same time! The first award winner has been described as someone you can always count on to be there to support both our students and staff. The second award winner is known by his peers as a role model for his innovative approach to educating the students and staff both at Montgomery and throughout the district. When reviewing the nominations for today’s award winners, one word was mentioned time and time again for both of our special staff members, and that word was “leader.”

For these reasons, NPSD is proud to recognize Mrs. Vicki Rinker and Mr. Jason Theodore!

Special Education Assistant, Mrs. Rinker, has been a proud member of the Montgomery Elementary staff for 21 years. During this time, she has served as Support Staff Association Vice President, has chaperoned various student events and perhaps most notably, has acted as a mentor for new and current staff members. Mrs. Rinker is said by her colleagues to go above and beyond the job requirements for her students. Her dedication is evidenced by the many non-required professional workshops and training opportunities that Mrs. Rinker regularly attends. She truly has a hunger for knowledge and passion for bettering the lives of her students. Always continuing to self-improve, Mrs. Rinker steps up as a leader of leaders in the district, always volunteering for increased responsibility, new committees and peer-development. She is frequently sought after by the teachers in the building to provide both in and out-of-class support.

It’s no secret that Mrs. Rinker has touched the lives of countless students during her time here at Montgomery, as she is frequently visited by former students. Her passion for lifelong learning and making a difference is an inspiration to her colleagues. When describing Mrs. Rinker, a colleague said “I can’t think of a person more devoted to the students of Montgomery and the district as a whole.”

Mr. Theodore has been a teacher at Montgomery for 22 years. He is known by his colleagues for raising the bar for the entire PE department throughout the district. Jason wears many hats in the North Penn School District, including host of student teachers and high school career study students, Department Chair for Elementary Physical Education, Pennbrook Middle School Wrestling Coach, former North Penn High School Ice Hockey Coach and IRONKnights Triathlon Committee Chair.

Mr. Theodore helped to develop the elementary triathlon from the ground up and has been a driving force behind its success and growth over the last five years. Not only has he worked with staff, parents and local community groups to promote and coordinate the event, he volunteers his own time to hold practices for students in preparation for the big day. Mr. Theodore is instrumental in getting bikes and swimsuits for our needier students in the district and does whatever he can to make sure that as many students as possible have an opportunity to participate in the triathlon.

In addition to this huge undertaking, Mr. Theodore spends his time before school running a fitness class for the students at Montgomery, stressing the importance of fitness and brain power. After school, he leads a fitness class for the staff three days a week. When he’s not educating our students and staff in physical fitness, Mr. Theodore can be found playing his guitar alongside the Montgomery chorus, heading up the sixth-grade students vs. staff basketball tournament, emceeing and performing in the Lip Sync and helping to coordinate Montgomery’s Mini-THON Event.

Mr. Theodore implements fun activities for students into his lessons including rock climbing, roller blading and dancing. He is always looking for innovative ways to educate our students including the frequent integration of technology in his classes. Mr. Theodore is seen by fellow gym teachers in the district as a role model, one of whom said, “I learn something new every time that I work with Jason.”

Congratulations, Mrs. Vicki Rinker and Mr. Jason Theodore, on this well-deserved award!

The fourth and final Superintendent's Honor Roll Award was given to General Nash Elementary School kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Dusty Roper!

Dusty has been noted by one of her colleagues for “touching the lives and installing the building blocks of knowledge in our youngest students for decades.” Mrs. Roper spent the last 40 years teaching in the North Penn School District, which is longer than some of your parents have been alive! During these much appreciated years, Mrs. Roper taught at four of our schools, two of which no longer even exist. These schools include Nash, Knapp, Hancock and West Point elementary schools.

Dusty is one of the great ones. According to one of her colleagues, “simply put, they don’t make them like Dusty anymore.” Mrs. Roper is a seasoned vet in the world of teaching, using each year of experience as a lesson and an experience to learn and grow from. She is constantly tailoring her teaching methods to each of her students’ individual needs and never treats any two classes or school years the same. Dusty welcomes the challenge of shaping the lives of our youngest generation in the North Penn School District year after year with a warm smile and a fresh set of ideas to bring out the best in each out of her students.

Staff members admire Dusty’s experience and look to her as a role model inside and outside of the classroom. Parents sing Dusty’s praises as well, one even admitting that they took their house off the market the year that their daughter was in Mrs. Roper’s class and struggled with reading. They knew that there was no one better for the job than Dusty!

Dusty’s passion for educating our young learners and dedication to instilling both educational and moral values in these students has left a lasting impact on nearly 1,500 students during her time in the district.

Congratulations, Mrs. Dusty Roper, on this well-deserved award.

Congratulations to all four of this year's Superintendent's Honor Roll Award Winners! Because of you, the North Penn School District is a better place and for that, we thank you.

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