Do as Popes Do JEsse Brown, joshua lacy, jacob dahill

Lead Programmer: Jesse Brown - Computer Science

Informant: Joshua Lacy - General Engineering

Creative Director: Jacob Dahill - General Engineering

Do as Popes Do

You take place as the pope, and based off historic events, you make decisions regarding the papal states. Each event has some kind of historical importance. Each decision you make has an impact in some kind of way.

Technical aspects

The game was created using Twine 2 a free text adventure creator. The programming used was its own proprietary language mixed with CSS and some HTML. Over 60 passages, 3 random endings, factions that you earn reputation with.

Creative Designs

All creative aspects were created using Adobe Photoshop and Premiere.

Box Art

Why will this be successful?

A common aspect of games today is a linear story, there is only one path no matter what you do. What puts our game above others is that there are multiple paths you can take. That breeds replay-ability. The setting is also time where not many games are stepping into because of religious and political stances. Our game is also unique in that each event (even though it did not happen all in the same age) is historic, which provides the user with a beneficial game that is educational.

All photos/videos are under Creative Commons.


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