Electricity Using a STEM based approach in the Montessori classroom

Introducing a new set of materials to implement physical science in the lower elementary classroom.

STEM - Electricity

An open ended project based, inquiry approach

Designed to keep Montessori updated with current educational implementation of science technology and engineering.

Although the Montessori method has used a project based learning approach for years, this new set of modules introduces the engineering and science approach that is not found in the traditional Montessori process.

Aligned to Next Generation Science Standards

  • Provides a delineated structure, with choices within that structure
  • Shared inquiry and presentation
  • Opportunities for self adjustment and refinement of each project

Includes Teacher's notes with precise presentations and background information to give teachers the knowledge and confidence to easily present the materials and projects.

Explorations in

  • Static electricity
  • Battery terminals
  • Operation of a hover board
  • Electrical conductivity
  • Light and electricity
  • Flow of electricity
  • Conductors of electricity
  • Introduction to circuits
  • Circuits in series
  • Parallel circuits, and
  • Three STEM projects

With an open ended inquiry approach the children are presented with opportunities to have in-depth conversations based on a spiraled set of explorations.


A STEM approach


Created with images by Sam Bald - "Magic Ball" • TeroVesalainen - "thought idea innovation" • Pexels - "blur bright bulb" • Sh4rp_i - "Battery" • tjmwatson - "Static Electricity" • Sam Bald - "Magic Ball" • Ben_Kerckx - "girl child trampoline" • ETC Montessori

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