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What does it mean to be a good citizen? Being a good citizen has many requirements, and one of them is that you follow the responsibilities that you are given to do. Responsibilities are shown in different ways, such as laws and rules. These include keeping informed, paying taxes, and more. Also, there are Rights. If you are a good citizen, than you have Rights: the ability to do special things. These can be big things like freedom of speech, petition, and more, while others are smaller things like getting to watch T.V. So, to be a good citizen you also must respect other people’s rights, but they should respect your as well.

What is government and why is it necessary?

Government is the system of organization of the community and it is needed to stop chaos, or anarchy. Government is the way of organization of a country. Without government, there would be no organization, no rights, no responsibilities, no buildings, no roads, no schools, no shops, and more things the wouldn't be there. Without leaders, no one would follow anyone and nothing would ever be done, such as why the cavemen never had schools. Without government, everything would be chaos. With no government, there would be no constitution, which means no laws, which means something like murder can't be “bad”. To sum it up, government is a system that keeps things organized and civilized and it is needed to stop chaos.


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