Welcome beautiful people, I'm Shavac AKA Mister Darrell. I'm from the southside of Chicago, I'm an abstract artist, and I'm built to love! As an artist my mission is to provide joy through my expression whether it's through painting, music, acting or filmmaking. I believe longevity as a creative is earned when the truth is communicated. So that's how I want to create an infinite connection with the people. Bless up!

Flyer for Metaparty "Art House" (Designed by Shavac) (2017)
3.14π Ft. OGA Cover Art (Designed by Shavac) (2017)
28 (Cover Art Designed by Shavac) (2017)
Bathroom Orchestra (Cover Art Designed by Shavac) (2017)
Shavac - "Fr.99" Ft. Jru of Pro Now (Cover Art Designed by Shavac) (2017)
Mister Darrell X Micah Liam "Wait" (Cover Art Designed by Shavac) (2016)
Shavac - "SUDDENLY" (Cover Art Designed by Shavac) (2016)
"111" 4ftx4ft Oil on Canvas (2015)
Phone Home Collection (000,888,666,777,333,555,222 & 999) (2015)
"Evil Tropics" 3ftx4ft Oil on Canvas (2017)
"Complex Love" 2ftx3ft Oil on Canvas (2017)
"You See That" 3ftx4ft Oil on canvas (2017)
"Blue Magic" Oil on Canvas 3ft x 4ft (2017)
Spooks: Performance at MediumRare. Christianna Clark - Designer; Shavac - Model (2015)
LOVE IS THE VIBE; Shavac - Model (2016)
Tenola Plaxico (Articulate Photography); Shavac - Model (2012-2013)
Mount Royal Elementary School - Poetry Teacher Mister Darrell (2015)

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