Holden Blog: Trump By ryan dickson

Every issue today in 2017 usually involves politics in America. The main controversial part about it is the current president in office, Donald Trump. I remember him when he started to blow up and become famous for his success. The son of a bitch was made out of gold showering in money and still is to this day. The only way I can relate to the guy is the fact that we both grew up in wealth and expected to succeed in life. Although he seemed to persevere while I flunked out of 4 different prep schools. Also I manage to struggle with women and how they operate while this guy is a goddamn playboy. In a way, I was set out to be what old Donald is today and be a successful human being. But I'm also glad I didn't copy cat his lifestyle because the poor old bastard gets so much hate and criticism. Usually its his thoughts and ideas in politics that brings people to question him. To me, politics is for phonies anyway so I don't really hold anything against Trump or anyone. I couldn't imagine myself being president of this ordinary country. Me? Being in charge of everyone in the United States? Thats an unreal task for me to take on and take full responsibility. Shit I can barely take care of myself in New York City let along taking care of a whole country. Speaking of taking care of people, good old Trump has 5 kids. Me as a father would be a nightmarish for me and my child. Plus, kids can be too much to handle for people like me. I understand accidentally having one kid because it happens. Which may explain for him being a playboy. But 5 would have to be for phony psychos. But I guess there is an opposition to everything. Salt and pepper, hot and cold, and Donald and Holden Caulfield. Although I don't hate the guy, I'm just his polar opposite being.

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