Serfdom USA By Naomi Brockwell


2015 | Rock

“Maybe it starts during a crisis, or cause you're damn lazy, but someone makes a big promise and you think "that sounds sweet." -- But how will they do it, a planned economy. -- 'Til everybody's gone serfdom, serfdom USA."


  • The song was arranged by the Future of Freedom Foundation.
  • Naomi Brockwell is an Australian singer and libertarian songstress who reached a modicum of popularity with her song Bitcoin Girl.
  • The Future of Freedom Foundation was founded in 1989 by it's current president Jacob Hornberger aimed at establishing an educational foundation to advance an uncompromising case for libertarianism.


Luke Tatum

I'm not quite sure if this is the cheesiest song on the list so far, but it's definitely a contender for the cheesiest video. Naomi continues her non-stop Hayek fest with Serfdom USA, which is full of cleverness. It's the basic insight that unlocks so much in our minds. "If you pass a law, what is the mechanism of enforcement?" Whether the promise is for free healthcare or safety requirements on cars, a maxiumum price on goods or a minimum wage rate, it all ultimately comes down to making it happen. And with the state, that always--always!--means tyranny. So if you don't want to live like a serf, let's get out there and get to educatin'.

Sherry Voluntary

This song reminds me of the saccharine church parodies of popular songs, that the adults make to reach out to kids and teach certain points of doctrine or practice. I always found that kind of thing lame in church, and I find this one lame now. Once again, I appreciate the effort, and it is of course, completely correct in the ideology that it promotes, it’s just not something that I believe will reach the folks who actually need to know this stuff. I hope I'm wrong.

Nicky P

2015. The year before trump. A simpler time. back when it didn't feel as though the world had come apart at the seems. A world where it seemed like people might listen just a little bit. A friendly nod to Hayek via song seemed silly and fun. I get the impression from some of the people I know, that to read Hayek might as well be murdering children. I'm not even certain how to communicate anymore because the narcissism is o thick i can't see a thinking person inside anymore. Libertarians are criticized for infighting but I feel like that's a mischaracterization on a few fronts. The left and right are eating themselves as we speak through their respective versions of identity politics. Moreover, however, i think the bottom line is libertarians are the only ones discussing policy. When you're ideology can be reduced to a trite bumper sticker, you simply don't have one. I know this has had little to the song but I think it says easily enough what it means and that there is a better story in it's context. I can say this, I would not feel safe sharing this silly song on my timeline without serious backlash.

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Nicky P