Collegium Newsletter April 9, 2018

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Mark Your Calendar

Monday, Apr. 9th - Day 5

  • Boys' Middle School Baseball v. Fred S Engle Middle School 3:15pm @ Boot Road Park
  • Boys' And Girls' Varsity Golf v. AIM Academy 3:30pm @ Ingleside Golf Club
  • Girls' Varsity Lacrosse v. Phoenixville Area School District 3:45pm @ Phoenixville Area High School Field 3 - Washington Field
  • Boys' Varsity Baseball v. Pottstown High School 4:00pm @ Shantz Field

Tuesday, Apr. 10th - Day 6

  • PSSAs: 3rd-8th Grades English Language Arts Begin
  • 150 Building: Principal Coffee Chat for Parents 7:30am @ 150 Conference Room, Room 825
  • Boys' Middle School Baseball v. Jenkintown Junior High School 3:30pm @ Jenkintown Junior High School
  • Girls' Varsity Lacrosse v. Jack M. Barrack Academy 3:45pm @ Barrack Hebrew Academy
  • 500 Building: National Elementary Honor Society Student Meeting 4:00pm - 5:30pm @ Room 118
  • Intramurals: 150 Building 2nd-4th Grades Spring Running Club 4:00pm - 5:30pm @ 150 and 515 Building Parking Lots
  • Intramurals: 468/486 Building 2nd-4th Grade Spring Running Club 4:00pm - 5:30pm @ 468 Building Parking Lot
  • Intramurals: 5th and 6th Grade Flag Football 4:15pm - 5:30pm @ 500 Gym
  • 468/486 Building: Principal Coffee Chat for Parents 5:00pm - 6:00pm @ 486 Conference Room

Wednesday, Apr. 11th - Day 1

  • AP In-House Final Exams End
  • Grades K-6: ROAR T-shirt Day with Uniform Bottoms
  • Boys' Middle School Baseball v. Montgomery School 3:15pm @ Boot Road Park
  • Boys' And Girls' Varsity Golf v. Phelps School 3:30pm @ Ingleside Golf Club
  • Girls' Middle School Lacrosse v. Delaware County Christian 3:30pm @ Delaware County Lower School Field
  • 150 Building: Junior Artists Club 3:45pm - 4:45pm @ Room 908
  • 150 Building: Little Artists Club 3:45pm - 4:45pm @ Room 827
  • 468 Building: Little Artists Club 4:00pm - 5:00pm @ Room 425
  • 486 Building: Junior Artists Club 4:00pm - 5:00pm @ Room 532
  • HSA Spirit Night at Chick-fil-A 4:30pm - 7:30pm @ Exton and Downingtown Chick-fil-A Locations

Thursday, Apr. 12th - Day 2

  • PSSAs: 3rd-8th Grades English Language Arts End
  • 150 Building: 2nd Grade Field Trip to Longwood Gardens
  • Boys' Varsity Baseball v. The Renaissance Academy 3:45pm @ DeSanno Field
  • Girls' Varsity Lacrosse v. Delaware Valley Friends School 3:45pm @ Turf Field
  • 500 Building: Advancing Artists Club 4:00pm - 5:00pm @ Room 228
  • Intramurals: 150 Building 2nd-4th Grades Spring Running Club 4:00pm - 5:30pm @ 150 and 515 Building Parking Lots
  • Intramurals: 468/486 Building 2nd-4th Grades Spring Running Club 4:00pm - 5:30pm @ 468 Building Parking Lot
  • Intramurals: 5th and 6th Grade Flag Football 4:15pm - 5:30pm @ 500 Gym
  • Board of Trustees Public Work Session 6:00pm @ 435 Conference Room

Friday, Apr. 13th - Day 3

  • Grades 7-12: Cougar Pride Day - Wear Your Cougar Gear with Uniform Bottoms or Jeans
  • Grades K-12: Pay $1.00 to Dress your Best (Proceeds Benefit K-12 Yearbook)
  • 535 Building: GSA Field Trip to Valley Forge Park 8:45am - 2:00pm
  • Boys' Varsity Baseball v. Morrisville High School 3:00pm @ Boot Road Park
  • Girls' Middle School Lacrosse v. Westtown School 3:45pm @ Westtown Campus

Collegium Senior Athlete Signs With Cairn University

Congratulations to Collegium Senior, Tasaday Pouncy, on her commitment to further her education and Volleyball career at Cairn University. During her CCS Cougars Volleyball Team career, Tasaday established herself as one of the best middle hitters in the Tri-County Independent School League (TCISL). Tasaday helped lead the Cougars Volleyball Team to the 2016 TCISL Championship and, in her senior year, was voted Co-Captain of the Cougars Volleyball Team by her teammates.

Tasaday (center) is joined by her mom, Rhashida (left), and her Volleyball Coach, Brigid Shehan.

Tasaday joined Collegium as a Kindergarten student. She continues to be both an outstanding athlete and an excellent student, serving as a role model for other CCS student-athletes.

We certainly wish Tasaday and her family the very best in the future. The Highlanders will be getting one of Collegium's best and brightest!

468/486 Assembly: Phanatic About Reading

Guess what! The Phillie Phanatic is coming to Collegium’s 468/486 Building! The visit and assembly with Philadelphia’s “zaniest mascot” is a reward earned by select classrooms in our 468/486 Building who participated in the Phanatic About Reading Program. The Phanatic About Reading Program began in 2004, and encourages students in Grades K-8 to read for 15 minutes a day or more to improve their reading skills.

We are very proud of our participating students. In addition to classroom instruction and reading at home, they have worked hard all year to learn more about reading through the Phanatic About Reading Program. We cannot wait to meet the Phillie Phanatic, have our pictures taken with him, and hear all about the history and background story of the Philadelphia Phillies. Congratulations, and thank you to all the students and teachers who participate in the Program!

For more information on the Phanatic About Reading Program, visit the link below.

2018 K-12 Talent Show

The 2018 K-12 Talent Show will take place on Wednesday, June 6th. If your child has a performing arts talent, this event may be for them! There will be specific tryout dates and locations based on your child's building. Tryouts for 468/486 Building students will be on Monday, April 23rd, from 4:00pm to 6:00pm in the 486 Building's Music Room.

Talent Show performers during the 2016-2017 school year.

All other students on campus will audition on either Monday, April 23rd, or Tuesday, April 24th, from 4:00pm to 6:00pm in the 150 Building Cafeteria. To be assigned a tryout time slot, students must submit their Permission Slips by Friday, April 13th. Late Permission Slips will not be accepted.

Questions? Please email Ms. Grandizio or Mr. Stevenson.

Elementary Athletic Intramurals

5th and 6th Grade Kickball Program

Our Kickball Program will take place in the 500 Building on Tuesday, May 1st; Thursday, May 3rd; Tuesday, May 8th; and Thursday, May 10th, from 4:15pm until 5:30pm. Learn more by reviewing the Registration Form below. Registration information is due Wednesday, April 11th.

2​nd​-4​th​ Grade Spring Cougar FIT Program

Our 2​nd​-4​th​ Grade Spring Cougar FIT Program will be held in the 150 and 486 Buildings on ​Monday, April 30th; Wednesday, May 2nd; Monday, May 7th; and Wednesday, May 9th, from 4:15pm until 5:30pm. Learn more by reviewing the Registration Forms below. Registration information is due Tuesday, April 24th.


​Email Mr. Handley, Intramural Program Coordinator.

New Family Registration for 2018-2019 After-School & Before-School Care

2018-2019 After-School Care (ASC) and Before-School Care (BSC) Registration will take place online from Monday, April 23rd through Saturday, May 5th.

Program registration for 2018-2019 ASC and BSC will begin online at 9:00am on Monday, April 23rd. Families with children enrolled in Collegium's 2018-2019 Kindergarten through 6th Grade may participate in the online registration process.

For more information, review the ASC and BSC pages of Collegium's website.

Questions about ASC and/or BSC? Please email our Director of Child Care Programs, Ms. Horsey.

Successful CCS Morning News Fundraiser

In early 2018, High School Technology Teacher Mrs. Maalouf began efforts to raise funds for Mac Lab accessories and new equipment for the High School's Media Technology program. Mrs. Maalouf had previously selected DonorsChoose.org for fundraising and, thanks to donors from both within and outside of Collegium's Community, those programs were successful. Mrs. Maalouf's most recent effort was more ambitious, however: She hoped to raise $6,210 for the planned equipment! The community rallied yet again with donations in support of the initiative.

Mrs. Maalouf timed the fundraiser to go live on DonorsChoose.org's #BestSchoolDay, March 28th. Unbeknownst to DonorsChoose.org, and to Mrs. Maalouf, a company called Ripple fully funded ALL of DonorsChoose.org's live #BestSchoolDay projects this year, including Collegium's!

Ripple's donation to Collegium totaled $6,101.09, completing the project. As a result, the CCS High School Broadcast Studio and Media Technology programs have acquired a brand new iMac Pro to replace their 2012 model, plus additional accessories for the Mac Lab.

Please access the link below to contribute to future projects in Mrs. Maalouf's classroom. We are also including a link for more information on Ripple's #BestDayEver project funding.

April PSSA Testing Schedule

PSSA testing for Grades 3 to 8 begins Tuesday, April 10th, and will follow the schedule below. It is important that students are well-rested, eat a healthy breakfast, and arrive to school on time for their assessments.

English/LA (Tuesday, April 10 to Thursday, April 12th)

  • Grades 3-6: 8:40am-10:40am
  • Grades 7-8: 7:48am-10:47am

Math (Tuesday, April 17th to Wednesday, April 18th)

  • Grades 3-6: 8:40am-10:40am
  • Grades 7-8: 7:48am-10:47am

Science (Tuesday, April 24th to Wednesday, April 25th)

  • Grade 4: 8:40am-10:40am
  • Grade 8: 7:48am-10:47am

Please take a moment to review the parent/guardian information linked below that outlines: Frequently Asked Questions, the policy for electronic devices, the policy related to calculator use on the assessment, and the PSSA Student Code of Conduct.

Questions? Email Mrs. Ammon if your child is in Grades 3-6. If your child is in Grades 7 or 8, please email Mrs. Ratti.

Collegium Students Attend Chester County Student Forum on School Safety

On Thursday, April 5th, several Collegium student leaders joined other representatives from Chester County schools for a Chester County Student Forum (CCSF) on school and student safety. The Forum was organized to continue local momentum surrounding the nationwide student movement on school safety issues and how they can be addressed and resolved.

The Chester County Intermediate Unit initiated the CCSF to foster relationships between local high schools and the Chester County community, and to encourage the growth of Chester County student leaders. The Forum’s meetings provide a space where students can talk about issues they face, ideas they have for change, and how (or whether) those ideas can become reality. CCSF members are selected by each school’s Student Forum faculty advisor.

We are so proud of our CCSF student members and their desire to work together with other students, administrators, and community leaders to act on difficult matters that challenge and concern them. The students’ desire to be the change they want to see is inspirational, and a good indicator that our futures are in capable hands!

Education Explained

Each week, CCS Administrators highlight common terms and philosophies in education, and explain how they impact teaching and learning at Collegium. This week's contribution comes from Marcell Moore, 468 Building Assistant Principal.

Restorative Practice: A Conflict Resolution Solution

One of the biggest challenges facing educators daily is how to maintain a consistent school and classroom environment where students can focus on learning. The reality is: Where there are students, there will be occasional conflicts, distractions, and disruptive behaviors.

In the past, educators frequently used tools like suspensions, detentions, and similar measures to manage problem situations. Today, however, Collegium is at the forefront of a new approach to school discipline called Restorative Practice. Restorative Practice focuses on strengthening relationships between individuals, and proactively preventing problems like bullying and violence in schools. Educators who use Restorative Practice:

  • View misbehaviors as learning opportunities,
  • Separate the behavior from the student,
  • Focus on restoring relationships, and
  • Encourage students to take responsibility for their behaviors in real and meaningful ways.

The Restorative Practice process begins as soon as a student does something hurtful, inappropriate, or distracting in class or to another individual. Instead of punishing disruptive or misbehaving students, educators help them to be accountable for their actions and choices, and to make any necessary amends for harm their actions caused to others. Educators guide students through the process, but the students involved must do the real work necessary to correct situations their behaviors have caused.

At Collegium, teachers are encouraged to use Restorative Practice strategies daily in their classrooms by holding classroom meetings or Restorative Circles. These processes give students the chance to share concerns, talk about how to solve problems, and have an open dialogue about conflicts they might be experiencing in the classroom. Teachers step aside during these discussions to allow students to work together to solve problems. Ownership for improving behaviors rests with the students, who agree on a plan of action during Restorative Class Meetings, and then follow up with one another to make sure students stick to the plan.

Principals also frequently follow up on Student Code of Conduct violations by holding Restorative Meetings with the students involved. During such a meeting, the Principal will ask students on both sides of the conflict certain questions depending on whether they were the object of the negative action, or the student who demonstrated the challenging or hurtful behavior. Students on both sides are able to confront one another, express their feelings, ask questions, and have a say in the solution. When all parties are willing to talk openly about the problem and agree on a solution, the outcome can have a positive impact on students and the entire school community.

Proven results of the Restorative Practice method include more confident students and teachers, healthier relationships, more effective interpersonal communication, and reduced instances of bullying, violence, or conflict. Restorative Practice is shifting our thinking from strict punishment-oriented problem solving to repairing relationships and strengthening our CCS community.

For more information on Restorative Practices, please visit:

Collegium Employee Spotlight: April Mullen

This Newsletter section highlights one Collegium employee each week, and allows families and students to get to know them even better. Now, when you see featured employees on campus, you will be better able to greet them by name and strike up conversations!

3rd Annual 5K Cougar Classic

There are just about two weeks until Saturday, April 21st, when Collegium will host its 3rd Annual 5K Cougar Classic.

Come join your family, friends, and community members for a fun morning at CCS. Race Day activities include: A competitive 5K Race, 1-Mile Fun Run/Walk, and a Kids' Dash.

Proceeds of the 3rd Annual 5K Cougar Classic help meet specific needs in each Collegium building. For online registration, information, and details on becoming a sponsor, visit the 5K Cougar Classic website via the link below.

Registration for Camp Collegium 2018 is Still Open

Although most weeks have reached camper capacity (see the list below), registrations for those weeks are still being accepted, but will be placed on the Camp Collegium 2018 waiting list in case there are cancellations. Registrations are still being accepted for the open week, as well (also listed below).

Camp Collegium weeks that are full (but for which we are accepting waiting list registrations):

  • June 25th - 29th
  • July 9th - 13th
  • July 16th - 20th

The following week is rapidly approaching camper capacity; less than 10 spaces remain:

  • July 2nd - July 6th

Visit the Summer Camps page of our website for additional details about Camp Collegium 2018 and registration. If you are ready to submit registration information now, please use the link below. Questions? Email Ms. Horsey, Director of Child Care Programs.

West Whiteland Police Department Tip Resources

Collegium is committed to maintaining a strong and trusting partnership with the West Whiteland Police Department (WWPD). Together, we encourage all Collegium students, staff, and parents/guardians to contact the WWPD with any information they feel should be investigated.

The WWPD has a dedicated email address and phone number for the public to provide information quickly and directly to the WWPD.

The email address and phone line are monitored by the WWPD Criminal Investigation Unit. We encourage anyone with information concerning suspected criminal activity to contact the WWPD using the email address, or by leaving a voicemail message on the WWPD phone line. Everyone utilizing the phone number or email address can remain anonymous, if they wish.

If your concerns are specific to the Collegium campus, we ask that you also contact our Building Principals:

Obtaining Approval for 2017-2018 Planned Absences

Will your child be absent from school because you are planning a trip, visiting relatives, scheduling college visits, or for religious instruction/observation? Ten days prior to the first date of absence, please submit a Request for Approval of Planned Absence Form for your child. Principal approval is required for these days of absence to be excused. Access the Approval of Planned Absence Form at the link provided.

From the CCS Home and School Association (HSA)

The CCS HSA serves in a capacity similiar to a Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) or Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO). We owe our success to the efforts of our many parent, teacher, and staff volunteers!

Pawsitive Praise

Thank you to all of our parent volunteers who have been planning our first Outgrown & Vendor Sale. We are looking forward to a very successful event!

Spring Box Tops Contest

Keep clipping those Box Tops! Box Tops are blossoming at CCS, and the HSA is excited to see which classroom can collect the most!

Clipping Box Tops is an easy way to help earn cash for Collegium. Each Box Top is worth 10¢! Just look for the Box Tops coupon on hundreds of products that you probably already own. Clip them, and send them to school.

The fun part of clipping Box Tops is the friendly competition between classrooms in each K-6 CCS building. The contest is now underway, and will end on Friday, April 20th. Simply send your clipped Box Tops (attached to the collection sheet, or in sealed plastic bags or envelopes) to your child’s teacher.

We will collect Box Tops and keep a tally for each classroom. The class in each building (150, 468/486, and 500) that collects the most Box Tops will receive a special prize in May!

For more Box Tops information, including a list of participating products, access the link below. Be sure to sign up as a member of the site (for free!), so you can check out Collegium’s earnings and access coupons and bonus offers.

If you have questions, please email the HSA Officers directly. Thanks for your participation, and happy clipping!

CCS Spirit Night at Chick-fil-A

Wondering what to eat for dinner this Wednesday, April 11th? We have the answer! Just visit Chick-fil-A for CCS Spirit Night!

CCS Spirit Night will be held at the Downingtown and Lionville Chick-fil-A locations from 4:30pm until 7:30pm on Wednesday. A portion of your purchase during that time will go to Collegium! Access the links below for maps and addresses. It will be great to see you!

Teacher Appreciation Week 2018

HSA Outgrown & Vendor Sale

Get ready CCS, the HSA is hosting our first Outgrown and Vendor Sale on Saturday, May 19th!

This is your opportunity to clear out those closets of outgrown kids' clothes in good condition. We will accept children's clothes and shoes in all sizes, in addition to sporting equipment, toys, books, video games, and even CCS Uniforms (with a fee to the Scholarship Fund). Consignor registration is now open exclusively to CCS families.

Consignors: Please complete the online registration (link is below), and read the Consignor Guidelines provided. Signed Consignor Agreements (also below) must be returned to school before April 13th to the attention of "HSA Outgrown & Vendor Sale."

Vendor spots will be available on a first come, first served basis. One vendor per company will be accepted. We cannot accept prepared food vendors. Registration is now open exclusively to CCS families through April 1st. Beginning April 2nd, registration will open to the general public, as well.

Vendors: Please register online using the link provided. Vendors must review the Vendor Guidelines and return a signed Vendor Agreement (in hard copy) to Collegium by April 13th. Please mark your envelopes "Attn: HSA Outgrown & Vendor Sale."

Join us for our next planning meeting: Sunday, April 8th, at 2:00pm in the 535 Building Cafeteria. (Enter the 535 Building via the rear entrance furthest from the rear 535 Gym entrance.)

If you are not available on Sunday, April 8th, but want to help with the planning, let us know by completing our Contact Information form.

HSA Co-President Needed for 2018-2019

Interested in joining the HSA, collaborating with HSA Officers, and helping to move the organization and its goals forward? The position of HSA Co-President will be available at the end of the 2017-2018 school year. An election for the position will be held at our HSA meeting on Wednesday, May 2nd. For more information, please email the HSA Officers directly.

HSA Social Media Chair Wanted

Facebook is one way the HSA communicates with the Collegium Community. We need your help to develop, organize, and post photos and content to the HSA's Facebook page. Interested? Please email the HSA Officers directly.

Elementary School Store Volunteers Needed!

Collegium's Elementary students love their School Stores! HSA Volunteers are needed to open the School Stores for students in Buildings 150, 468, 486, and 500 every Wednesday before school and at lunchtime. Please sign up to volunteer today! Clearances are required.

Ongoing Fundraisers


Simply shop at AmazonSmile and choose Collegium Charter School as your charity. A percentage of your purchase will be donated back to CCS!

Ongoing Fundraisers


Download the free app, shop as you normally do, and then snap a picture of your receipt to earn money for Collegium.

Upcoming HSA Monthly Meeting

The next HSA General Meeting will be Wednesday, May 2nd, at 4:30pm in the 535 Cafeteria.

The rear entrance of the 535 Building, furthest from the rear 535 Gym entrance.

Please enter the 535 Building via the rear entrance (shown in photo) furthest from the rear 535 Gym entrance. Building access is not available after 4:45pm.

Collegium Main Number


Campus Main Office Extensions

  • 150 Building: Ext. 6811
  • 435 Building: Ext. 6002
  • 468 Building: Ext. 6401
  • 486 Building: Ext. 6501
  • 500 Building: Ext. 6106
  • 515 Building: Ext. 6336
  • 535 Building: Ext. 6602

Collegium reserves the right to edit submissions and deny material for submission if deemed to be inappropriate or of little or no interest to CCS families.

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