The 9 Essential Posts for Every Type of Business

Examples of Effective Posts for Real Estate Title and Insurance Companies

The above 9 posts are ones that every business should try but how does your business incorporate these types of posts into their social media routine? The key is a planning tool, effectively engaging your followers and remembering that you number one goal on social media is not to sell, but to position yourself as a trustworthy expert in your field. Engagement is different than lecture and your posts reflect your tone and belief in your brand.

6 Categories of Posts

  1. Educating the general consumer and homebuyer {2,3,7,9}
  2. Educating Real Estate Agents on trends and news in the industry {2,3,7,8}
  3. Title Agent Question and Answer Posts {2,3,7,8,9}
  4. Neighborhood and General Community Posts and After Closing posts {1,3,6,7,8,9}
  5. Home Safety and How To Posts
  6. Employee Features and Behind the Scenes {5,7,8,9}

With all of these posts it is imperative you keep a few things in mind. The most important being the 80/20 Rule of Social Media. 80% of what you post should be informative, entertaining and useful for your followers with only 20% being promotional. And secondly you are looking to engage customers and position yourself as an expert in your field. Conversations will get you followers and real engagement and sales pitches will get you ignored!

The game is a bit different for Title Agents on Social Media as it is important to be aware of local restrictions on engagement of other realtors and perception of preference.

Engaging through education is an important aspect of social media. People want answers to questions and they want to know what they should be doing now when working towards a goal. As a business your goal is to position yourself as the expert who is reliable and engaging. Conversations are the key to long term followers who will turn to you when they needs services that you offer. Beind active on social media increases your visibility and assists in your SEO goals =, Providing strong relevant content that is self published and branded helps your SEO even more without paying.

Post a quick video and watch the "likes" roll in, above is a post that explained why you need title insurance and clarified what it does for the home buyer and seller. This would be a great post to share but even better would be having a local member of the team pop on camera and explain these things. (Local engagement helps position your office as experts and pays off in the long run)

The title tale above is another great post to share or similarly telling a story that gets the point across that may be locally relevant. These are just two examples of ways you can educate the home buyers and consumers. Any real estate advice for consumers, preparing to buy a home tips, best thing to eat on the first night in your new home all fit in here in the education category.

Before sharing any media make sure that the originator and the content contained all matches your brand and nothing can come back and bite you!

Stay on top of the trends and be a leader in the area with whats happening. Know the best hashtags... current list below, and watch what is being posted. Also pay attention to key influencers on instagram and be aware of what they are pushing and how it may impact your business.


#TitleAgent #TitleInsurance #Closing #Realtor #Realestate #titles #inspections #insurance

In many ways the realtor is your direct customer and many realtors are trying to properly establish themselves as experts in their field as well so here is a chance to help them be more successful which helps you establish yourself as an expert and a great title company to work with. Once again just be aware of the local regulations here but sharing great content is not against the law.

Both the above posts are great posts to educate realtors. Its new interesting information that may impact how current buyers are shopping for a home so it is relevant. Again be aware of your brand and always make sure content is relevant

Potential home buyers have questions and you have answers so this is once again as great way to establish yourself and your business as an expert. While I found no good examples of this the easiest way would be starting out answering a few seeded questions (by video even) and then encouraging followers to post questions on your social media you will then answer. Literally starting the conversation.

These make up some of your friendlier softer posts on social media and they are also easier but through collaboration with other businesses not directly tied to you the amount of possible followers you can generate is tremendous. Here is also where you get to pop in great images of food, puppies and babies which are social media gold!

This is what the dog showed up wearing at today's closing! Happy Halloween!
Local Premier Botanique and Standard Title Group partners Urban Jungle made a delivery of these gorgeous orchids for our event tonight. If you ever have any local need for beautiful long lasting exotic flowers, Urban Jungle is the place to go in DC.

They can be lighthearted and silly or seriously important things that are happening in the neighborhood what is important is that you are engaging the potential clients that are immediately in your area and encouraging them to tell your story and showing them why they should believe in your brand.

Another set of easier posts are the home safety and how to do posts. This is not necessarily how to build a deck but more along the lines of how to prepare for a move, or what should you keep in mind during tax season as a first time home buyer. You are looking to be a resource somebody that followers can look to when they need answers.

These are probably the hardest to do but they are also what gives any business a heart on instagram, these are peeks into what the culture of your business is. Remember however to always be on brand! There are a few ways to do these and I recommend using all of the ways to keep content varied.

  • Day in the Life: Highlight things that usually happen at your agancy, a pre-opening chat, lunchtime discussion, shared news about employees. Remember Instagram is very visual so make sure you have a good brand appropriate visual. Think of these as a quick filtered peek into the back of the house.
  • Employee Takeovers: These on Facebook and Instagram and are combined between the Instagram Story and your feed with just a couple refined images in the feed that are on brand and the rest in the story. The story can be less refined it is set up to be snapchatty for a reason! And it does not stay on your feed!
  • Employee Profiles- these are a bit harder but they are great for morale and a great way to feature specific employee on social media. Ask a set of questions to an employee and take some cool fun photos and viola.

Examples of Employee Takeover and Employee Profile Below

Example of an employee takeover at the Bookstore these are the story posts- the idea is the same for the salon.
Samples of out of story posts for the takeover- still the human side of the store but on brand human side.

Follow Link Below to an example of a full employee profile piece:

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