Body Image By: Cole clare

  • 4 Need to knows
  • What you think about your body is your body image.
  • Your Body Image is part of everything you do, what clothes to wear, blending in or standing out.
  • People can get teased by their body image.
  • There are a lot of ways to change your body image, like eating healthier, going to the gym, running with someone or pet.
  • 3 Facts From Research
  • People judge themselves by their body image
  • Your body image is influenced by many different things (family, friends, culture)
  • Acne is part of your body image (TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOUR SKIN)
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  1. 2 Statistics
  2. 73 percent of kids between the ages of twelve and nineteen will have breakouts (when acne appears)
  3. Ninety to 95 percent of those who suffer from eating disorders are women

Some Resources that I Used: Mirror Image By Adam Woog Database: Teen health and wellness

How is Your Body Image Related to Teen Health and Wellness: Your body can be affected by your body image (what you think about you body). So you might eat more or less getting a certain type of body size. All of this about your body image is all in your head. All of it is what you think of your body, it’s in the mental part of wellness.

Mental Part of Wellness

How is Your Body Image Related to Puberty? As your body changes through puberty and your hormones change, your body does too. You start to get acne breakouts and more, this can really affect how you feel about how you look. Especially going through puberty you start to care more about how you look. You might want to go more to the gym or maybe you want to eat more. All of this effects your body image through puberty. Alright, let’s say you’re overweight and you hate it, you think negatively on your body image. What can you do, you have to think positively or make yourself feel good about what you look like, it's all in your head.

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