Ryan Cronin's Good Life Tour of the Harn

Above, you see a piece called "Lights and Towers." This is a woodcut piece that truly caught my eye. Seeing it in person definitely allowed me to see the true detail within it. The contrast of the almost entirely black and white artwork makes the lines pop even more allowing one to see the image very crisp and clear. This artwork made me feel as though I was in a tall skyscraper overlooking a big city at midnight. It made me feel both powerful and gave me a sense of mystery as I looked at it.
The above piece is called "Soli Durer Gloria (1471 - 1971): Homage to Albrecht Durer." This work was in a wing of the museum that I found particularly appealing. The reason that I find this wing so appealing is because of how dark all of the paintings are. They are all black and white and have a creepy sort of tone to them. For example, this work seems to be depicting a skeleton of some sorts. This exhibit made me feel a small sense of anger, but at the same time curiosity.
The piece above is called "Road Worker." This artwork appeals to my core value of drive and hard work. The visual representation is of a worker doing manual labor with a pickaxe and while hard work for me is not going to be manual labor necessarily, but rather hard work in my field of study and my eventual career. The emotion that this work instills in me is a sense of pride. The art definitely helps me to better cherish and remind me of what is important to me in life which is working hard so that I can provide for the people I love.
The above artwork is called "Seated Bodhisattva." This work conveys the theme of seeking the good life. Buddhism is all about find one's true self as we saw within "Siddhartha." We see in the art, the peacefully seated Buddha. He seems to be at peace with himself and content with where he is. It is his gestures that help add to my appreciation of this them. The gesture with his right hand is a "gesture of fearlessness" and the gesture with his left hand is a "gift-bestowing gesture." This helps me to see more aspects of what is important in seeking the good life.

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