Jodi Falls By: marin HETLER

Jodi walked towards his bedroom, it was covered head to toe in posters of Bobby Flay. Even the carpet was Bobby’s favorite color, a soft neon green. In one corner of his room, Jodi had a fish tank full of Bobby Flay’s favorite fish from Guatemala. Jodi stood in the doorway admiring the beautiful room he created. He thought to himself in just one day I will be meeting my hero, my muse, my idol. I can feel the excitement in my bones. Bobby Flay, I’m coming for you. Jodi got tickets to a meet and greet/show put on by Bobby and some other well-known superstars like Guy Fieri, Gordon Ramsay, SE Hinton and his second favorite being Nate, the science podcaster, who starred on Ellen. Jodi could hardly wait any longer.

He walked away from his room and strolled into the kitchen. He hoisted himself onto the countertop and got out some of h is favorite spices from the cabinet. He jumped off the counter and got two eggs out of the fridge. He sprinkled the spices on the top of the eggs and moved the flakes around until it looked exactly like hair. Jodi took his newly created egg dolls and proceeded to bring them outside. He started to re-enact how he thought the meet and greet would go. He pretended one of the eggs was Bobby and one of them was him. It reminded him of the times when younger sister would sit in the exact spot, playing with her cabbage patch kids dolls. She played with her dolls just how Jodi was playing with the eggs.

Just as he was reminded of his past Jodi felt something go up the back of his shirt. He threw the eggs and started squirming in every way imaginable. He was a small tornado in the broad daylight. He was flailing in all different directions and he had no control over his body. Jodi started to feel claws scraping his arms and something biting his shoulder. Jodi started to cry he couldn't take it anymore, he threw himself to the ground and the biting and clawing stopped. Jodi looked up and saw a squirrel running for his life. He put his head back down, his eyes shut and he couldn't get up again.

Jodi’s mom came rushing out looking for Jodi,

She shrieked, “Jodi are you alright? What just happened?!” There was no response.

Jodi was too heavy for his mom to haul him inside all by herself so she ran to the garage and got a wagon from when he was a kid. She lifted him up into the wagon and pushed it towards the screen door. The door was still open from when Jodi’s mom came rushing out so she just gave it one big last push and got him into the house safely. The couch was the closest piece of furniture to the door she shoved the wagon through the house and rolled Jodi out of it onto the couch. Jodi still hadn't awoken so his mom immediately called 911. Within minutes the ambulance arrived. The emergency care attendants rushed to the couch and rolled Jodi way on a stretcher. His mom was in the station wagon directly behind the ambulance.

A few hours later Jodi awoke, lying in the hospital bed. His mom looked up from her book and gasped. She put her book down and went to the bed.

“Oh honey, are you ok?” She asked with concern.

Jodi slowly responded “Yeah I'm fine. My brain's just a little fuzzy. The last thing I remember was a squirrel running away from me after all attacking me.”

“Oh sweetie, I'm so sorry. I'm going to go get the doctor. I'll be right back.” she assured.

Jodi sat in his bed wondering if he would still be able to meet Bobby Flay. His mom and a doctor came in and started explaining to Jodi that he got a bad concussion after hitting his head. Jodi understood his conditions and took it all in. The first thing he asked after a long pause of silence

“Will I still be able to meet Bobby tomorrow?”

The doctor spoke,

“Unfortunately not. You need to take it easy for a while. Your mom told me how excited you were for it and I'm so sorry you won't be able to go.” Jodi couldn't believe it. He was devastated. He started to cry. His mom came and sat with him, trying to comfort him.

Jodi cried for so long and eventually, it became time to go to sleep. Still, in his hospital bed, Jodi curled up in a ball, shut his eyes and went to sleep.

The next morning Jodi awoke, still in his bed but unfamiliar to his surroundings. His bed was in the main lobby of the hospital. He looked around for his mom, she was nowhere to be found. He got out of the bed and began to walk around. Just then he saw a big black SUV through the automatic doors. The door opened and no one came out. Jodi's mom walked around the corner out from behind a pot full of flowers. She walked towards the car but waited by the door. Her hand reached into the door and took the hand of a man. The man stepped down out of the car. Jodi ran straight out the doors when he saw who it was. He went straight to the man and gave him a huge hug.

“Bobby Flay. Oh my gosh. It's so nice to meet you but how?” Jodi asked.

“I worked my magic,” Bobby responded. Jodi ran a few steps forwards and jumped in the air clicking his heels together. They went inside and chatted for hours and hours

When Bobby went to sleep that night he realized that sometimes good comes out of the bad in life. He dreamed happy dreams and played the day over again in his head.

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