This summer kids across the U.S. joined in the fight against PUBLIC HEALTH ENEMY #1, the evil villain DK (Tooth Decay.) Now we need your help to protect the smiles of kids everywhere!

help find the secret to defeat BIO-FILM and his gang of nasty bacteria!

When you complete your mission, you'll be entered to win fun prizes! The Grand Prize winner will receive a Nintendo® Switch gaming console or a $300 Nintendo, Xbox or Playstation gift card. (Click here to see a complete list of prizes.)

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Contest submissions are due November 9, 2020.

Join America's ToothFairy in the fight against our latest villain, BIO-FILM, who covers your teeth with a film that includes nasty bacteria oozing acidic waste. The acid destroys the hard coating on your teeth that protects them from decay. This coating is called enamel. It is VERY IMPORTANT to protect the enamel on your teeth or you could get cavities!

your mission:

Find out how you can protect your teeth from BIO-FILM and his gang of bacteria! Register to receive the tools you'll need to complete your mission. Then send your entry for your chance to win our Grand Prize!

Here are some of the video submissions we've received:

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QUESTIONS? Reach out to programs@ncohf.org. Click here for official rules. Registrations close at midnight, October 26th. Final submissions must be received by November 6, 2020.