Marvel and DC comics By: Mario ramirez ayala

Choosing your hero

Who’s your favorite superhero? Is yours Batman or Superman? Well mines deadpool because he’s funny, cool and chill. Those are the reasons i like deadpool what are the reason’s you like the superhero you like.



Superhero’s changed over time from bad to good. This paragraph is about how superhero’s changed and turned into different characters and changed for the better. For example: Venom used to be a villain a monster and the enemy of Spider-man. He used to fight him all the time but now he’s known as agent Venom. He may not be friends with Spider man but he saves people’s lives and protects people just as spider-man does. And there are more like Hulk and the Suicide Squad they all changed and made a big difference in the marvel comics and on tv shows and showed you don’t always have to be bad you can be good and you have choices. I think that all of these characters changed for the better of helping people instead of hurting them.

If you didn't know when hulk first came out he was first grey not green until later when the authors changed his look.

Brand new but not like the old

There are brand new superheros but i don’t think that they set the same example like other superheros do. The new superheros are Robin (son of Batman) also known as Damien Wayne. I don’t really see him like i see other superheros because he doesn’t really care about other people mostly himself like in the teen titans comics, he doesn’t really have friends because he grew up different than other kids he grew up training as an assassin but i think in the future he will learn and change. And yes there are others like Lobo or vixen and i know they might not be the best superheros but they are still learning and training and working harder to be better. Some of these superheros may be selfish or don’t really act like superheros but they do have the power to be like one and i know that in time they will change for the better like others did.

The old age

Like the new superheros there are old ones too and what i mean by old superheros is not that there old by their age but by the comics and tv shows about them. There are so many types but here are the ones i chose Superman, spiderman, and batman and yes these are old superheros. If you are thinking that they’re not then you’re wrong they have made so many comics about these superheros. For example: superman he made his first debut (came out) in 1938 that’s how old he is and that’s how long he’s been in the comic books and the rest came out earlier or later than superman like spiderman or batman. They all have grown over time and changed many times their appearances like their costumes and their attitude. I chose these three character’s because they were always their when people needed them the most.

Future characters

The last thing i would wanna see in marvel comics is new superheros not saying that i don’t like the ones that are in the comics now i just wanna see new characters. What i would want to see these new characters do is be like the ones we have now like superman they should be kind, brave, have cool costumes and new super powers. I did this because i really wanna see new superheros and different types of them too.

I think you should give comic books a try even if you don’t like just try it and i know you will like it. Take it from me a person who reads and watches movies about comic books.


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