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Idea: We create an online community to help customers choose the best Aussie products for them.

In this website, the Aussie team wants to provide you with the best products for your hair care. The main tool we are launching is an online portal where you can answer a questionnaire about your hair type/problems which will then give the Aussie team the possibility to recommend you the Aussie products that suit you best. At the same time, there will also be product reviews, forums for people to discuss any capillaire care concern or suggestion they have or want to share and a chat that connects you with the Aussie team.

Sign up/sign in: To be able to answer the questionnaire, post reviews, participate in the forum, and chat with our team, customers will have to create an account that requires a user name (linked with their email address) and a password.


1. Have you ever dyed your hair?

If yes, how many times and with which product or brand?

2. Have you ever done something permanent in your hair? (ex: Japanese straightening)

3. Do you have split ends?

If so, only in specific areas or all over your hair?

4. Do you currently use any special hair care product?

If so, which one?

5. Do you currently use any Aussie product?

If so, which one?

6. Do you usually have dandruff?

If so, how often?

Do you tend to have more when you are stressed?

7. How long is your hair? (cm)

8. Do you live in an area of extreme temperatures?

If so, extreme hot/sun or extreme cold?

9. Is your hair greasy?

If so, only in specific days (period time, stressful moments of life…) or always?

10. Would you say that your hair is currently dry, needing of a special treatment?

Results: The Aussie team will send the customer and email with the products the customer should use.

Reviews: All Aussie products will appear with a comment section below where customers can rate and share their opinions about them. They may be able to rate them on a variety of different standards such as packaging, durability, and results. This way, not only can other customers see how their peers have reacted to their products but as Aussie we are able to improve on the customer feedback as well. Ex:

Forums: In this tab, customers will be able to talk to each other about any concerns/suggestions they would like to share with other members of the Aussie community. People will be able to upload videos explaining how they used the product and clarifying if it worked on them or not. In this section, we hope to make Aussie a more interactive community by allowing the participation of the customers themselves to discuss topics that may improve others’ experiences and purchases.

Chats: The chat is used for very specific questions that customers may have. These could be regarding a concern about a specific product they are interested in or about their hair’s reaction to a product newly bought. Problems could also be related with the web page, for example, if the website (i.e. questionnaire) is not working, the client will be able to contact someone from the Aussie team. Moreover, our chats will put customers in contact with experts which would enable them to review what products may fit their needs and as a result help our customers in their purchase process.

Tutorials: In this section we will specify how our Aussie products may be used. This will include instructions for the application process as well as the variety of different forms in which products may have purpose. For our tutorials we will also include a variety of hair types which will represent the products on this spectrum as well. These tutorials may take the form of short videos as well as pictures with text and instruction. We believe that by providing tutorials on this platform we may enhance the customer experience with Aussie.

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