Abuse of the First Amendment

My chosen research will pertain to freedom of speech in our society, and how we are irresponsible in our use of this right. With this topic there is not two-sides per say, there are more like multiple forms of irresponsibility. I plan on pointing out arguments against all forms of this abuse.

As a society that encompasses all types of beings, we have to be able to evaluate what is socially acceptable, and unacceptable. We must come to realize that words have power, and everything we say induces an opinion from those around us. As a whole, we need to understand that this right of speech should not be taken for granted; and just like any other weapon, it should be used responsibly, and handled with care.

With great power comes great responsibility, and the power of speech is a great one. Should people be able to say whatever they want, when they want? Does everything I say in-turn affect someone else? Why do people argue? There aren't clear answers to these questions, but what I hope to do is in some way guide my readers towards a greater understanding of responsibility in communication. Whether that is verbal, non-verbal, over text, or in a book. I want to show that what is happening everyday on social media and in person would have our ancestors who fought for our right to speech, rolling over in their graves.

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