The Joplin Tornado of 2011 by:Ethan villanueva

The Joplin tornado was a destructive EF-5 which caused damage to 2.8 billion dollars. The tornado started at 5:34 Pm & duration lasted for about 38 minutes and dissipated at 6:12 Pm.

The tornado destroyed Jasper County,Newton County, and mostly the city of Joplin Missouri. there were 990 people injured,and 1,300 missing.The cost of the damage was 2.8 Billion Dollars from the twister.

The tornado is weather related and geological in nature ,the tornado was caused by hot and cold air which forms a wall cloud then turns into a funnel which is now a tornado

The town of Joplin were taken by surprise when the tornado occured .So after five years have passed and everything is the way it used to be before the tornado came to the town.

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