First Seeds 2017

Today is December 29th, right at the end of this disappointing year of 2016. I decided it was time to add a little early joy to 2017, so I decided to start my first seeds. One of my goals this year is to grow all my flowers from seed. This could really backfire on my because I have never had a lot of luck starting seed indoors in the past.

This year though I have decided to up my game. I bought a heat mat to start the germination and grow lights to keep the seedlings alive and healthy until it is time to go in the ground. My kitchen is looking more like a mad scientists laboratory than a place you would want to eat.

The process of starting a seed is one that has long fascinated me. The thought that you can take a small seed, something that in no way looks alive and grow a magnificent plant is one of the truest miracles we can experience in our lives. This is something I will be revisiting on my blog all year long. I want to document my successes and failures so that I can hopefully help others trying their hand at growing seeds.

Munstead Lavender requires a long growing period to produce flowers. I planted 12 seeds in my Jiffy Peat Pellets. I have tried growing Lavender in the past with very little luck. After a lot of reading I discovered why. Lavender likes a lot of sunshine and very well drained soil. I can now provide those conditions in my little garden .
It is very doubtful that my Columbine "Barlows Double" will bloom this year as it requires a very long growing period in order to bloom. However, if I can give it a great start, it will be beautiful beneath my Clematis Vines. I planted Six of these beauties.
The Painted Daisy is a flower I have long lusted after. I love anything daisy like. I planted six of these to plant near my Red Hot Poker to keep the color combination going through the summer.
Here they are, Day One sitting on the heat mat until germination, at which point they will go under grow lights until it is time to be planted in the ground.

I guess this marks day one of my Front Garden in 2017. I will make sure to do updates as my seeds begin to germinate. I am very excited to share my results.

I have quite a few more seeds to purchase and get started. The rest of my seeds will have to be purchased online because I am looking for very specific types, like Sea Holly, and Chocolate Cosmos that wont be found in any local stores.


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