Space the Final Frontier By Gabriel Packard

In hidden figures there was a seen with Dorothy Vahn and Mrs. Mitchell the Supervisor of the east section of the compound, and they met in the bathroom and Mrs. Mitchell and Dorothy were washing there hands, when they were done Mrs. Mitchell said " You know I don't mind you people." and Dorothy responded and said " keep telling yourself that." and walks out of the bathroom this shows that even though segregation was illegal people still thought of colored people as lesser of people than white men/woman. (Originally the bathrooms were segregated but that during the movie when Katherine's supervisor found out she walks half a mile everyday to go to the bathroom her supervisor made it so there were no segregated bathrooms.)
Katherine Johnson played a big role in the space race to the moon. She made many of the calculations that got Neil Armstrong to the moon, she calculated what it took to get the Apollo 11 space craft to the moon. She used a lot of the same math we learn today but in different ways such as the Pythagorean theorem to calculate the trajectory of the ship.
Katherine enrolled at west Virginia state university and took all of the math classes the school offered.
Part of the problem was getting the astronaut into space the reason that was a problem is if they send him to far he can shoot into space and not be able to come back,the opposite if they don't get he him far enough he could fall back down to earth which isn't very pretty. Katherine had the job of both calculating his trajectory and calculating how he would go from elliptical orbit to a parabolic orbit putting the ship back on earth. She did the math using Euler´s method which put the equation from a elliptical orbit to parabolic a orbit using oilier method told them how do put astronaut glen back on earth.


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