North Korea vs.south Korea By:Aly monjeau

This is a Korean map after the Korean War. Each side wanted power and they went to war over the land. Each side is divided by the 38th parallel. The United States is allies with South Korea and helped them in war.

North Korean soldiers
South Korean soldiers
North Korea is a communist country and their leader is Kim Jong un. The new leader came into play after the Korean War ended in 1953 and the Kim dynasty has been in power for 3 generations.
South Korea is a capitalist country and their leader is park geun hye. Each country wanted the other side so they went to war in 1950 which ended in 1953 which resulted in over 54,000 casualties from Korea and the United States. This helped fan the flames for the Cold War.
The United States is concerned with this conflict because they became allies South Korea. After the war started the U.S brung in troops to help fight in North Korea. What they should of done is remained neutral and then 54,000 people wouldn't of died.
The road to recovery: This conflict could be solved by taking down Kim and his regime. Nothing has happened to Kim because he posing threats to the U.S.


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