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First Generation College Bound stands out among college access programs in helping its participants secure financial aid. We continue to mentor students through that crucial first year of college, and beyond.

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Mission Statement: FGCB exists to empower youth from low to moderate income families to achieve social and economic success by providing guidance, encouragement, and support in obtaining a college degree.

Vision: One day every Maryland student will have access to achieving a college degree.

The vision affirms the experience of Joseph Fisher, CEO and Founder, who began FGCB in 1990 by walking door-to-door through a public housing complex in Laurel, Maryland offering youth and their families a program of academic support and guidance to attend college.


First Generation College Bound is a unique program that has helped me realize the dream of obtaining a college education. I have been a proud member of this organization since 1996 and am currently an active alumni member of FGCB, encouraging others to take advantage of the many opportunities the program has to offer. Mr. Joe Fisher is my mentor and I remain active in the program through my present work with Mrs. Pat Fisher on the First Generation College Bound’s Retention Committee. I credit a lot of my educational success to Mr. Joe Fisher and FGCB. Because of Mr. Fisher’s support, I am passionate about helping others and I plan to continue working with Mr. Fisher to inspire other young adults to realize their dreams of graduating from college and becoming successful young women and men of tomorrow.
Mr. Fisher taught at my middle school. My teacher introduced me to him in sixth grade because she thought he could help make sure I stayed on the right track and made the right decisions. I saw Mr. Fisher two or three times a week, during lunch periods, free periods or after school. He became a mentor and second father figure. I stayed in contact when I got to high school. There was always a temptation to do what was considered cool, and cool didn’t necessarily go with what was right. I did get into trouble here and there, and Mr. Fisher was always a positive influence. He took me and my mom step by step through the college application and financial aid process. He also made a lot of calls to universities where he thought I would be a good fit. One in particular was Williams College in Massachusetts, one of the top colleges in the country, where he did a lot of advocating on my behalf. His daughter had gone there. I was accepted at Williams, but found it extremely difficult my first semester because of the culture shock and the rigorous course work. I had grown up in Baltimore City. Williams is in the country and it’s very, very affluent. I wasn’t coming from an affluent background. Also, the course work was very rigorous. Mr. Fisher advised me on how to better use my time and how to immerse myself in the new culture. I ended up making the dean’s list a couple of times and won a prestigious research fellowship. I applied to Ph.D. programs along with law schools my senior year. When it came time to deal with financial aspects of law school, again Mr. Fisher was a huge help; he’s an expert in how to get more money from various resources. Looking back, I’m sure I would not be going to such prestigious schools if it wasn’t for Mr. Fisher and First Generation College Bound. He thought I was fully capable, even when I didn’t have that type of belief in myself, and made me push for something higher.
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Our College Retention Program supports higher education goals to increase the number of FGCB students who complete their college degree in four years. The College Retention Committee and College Retention Coordinator maintain essential contact with FGCB participants and their families during the student's’ college tenure. The College Retention Committee keeps in touch by visiting students at their colleges and by hosting an annual social event during winter break for FGCB college students and college graduates. FGCB alumni volunteers give back by staying in touch with students to check on academic progress, remind students and families about continuing financial aid requirements, and offer retention support by phone and email. All FGCB college students also receive encouraging care packages through the school year. All college graduates are recognized at FGCB’s Annual Celebration held in June.

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First Generation College Bound (FGCB) depends on generous financial supporters like you to brighten the futures of young people through access to higher education. We are a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) organization, and all donations are tax-deductible.


First Generation College Bound

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Phone: (301) 490-0911 Email: fgcb@fgcb.org

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