Isaac Newton by:Alex guan

Important Characteristics

1. He was willing to go against the mainstreams at the risk of personal loss.

2. His peculiar gift was the power of holding continuously in his mind a purely mental problem until he had seen straight through it.

3. Newton could hold a problem in his mind for hours and days and weeks until it surrendered to him its secret.

Important Contributions

Besides his work on universal gravitation, Newton developed the three laws of motion which form the basic principles of modern physics.

Why he is Famous

1. He found out the scientific reason why objects fall down from the sky

2. He made the saying, "What goes up, must come down."

3. Made the first reflecting telescope.

Why he is important

1. Without him, gravity wouldn't be discovered until another scientific genius finds out about gravity.

2. If he didn't make the telescope, we wouldn't know anything about space and what's out there that we already know of today.

3. Isaac Newton, a prominent mathematician and physicist, is famous for discovering several laws and theories of physics and motion.

Why I admire Him

1. He is the person I did a biography on in first grade and I got a very good grade.

2. Isaac Newton was a very intelligent man and when I was in 3rd grade I wanted to be just like him.

3. Not only is his accomplishments still appreciated today, they will most likely be used in the far future.

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