What is a stock? A stock is a flavored liquid preparation that forms the basis for many dishes, soups, and sauces. Stocks are often called the "building block" by chef's because it is so simple. When making a stock it usually involves simmering animal bones or meats, seafood, or vegetables in water or wine and adding mirepoix and aromatics for flavor. You can use it to make a simple vegetable stock or a beef or chicken stock.


The different types of stock are white stock, brown stock, fumet, court bouillon, glace, remouillage, bouillon, jus, and vegetable stock. A white stock is made from veal or chicken without colored seasonings and often used in white sauce. It is usually made by simmering beef, poultry, or fish bones. White beef stock is primarily used for beef soups like Vietnamese Pho.

White Stock

A brown stock is usually made from beef because the beef seared gives it color. It has an amber liquid that is made by simmering poultry, beef, veal, or game bones. Before you add in the bones first you have to brown them in then you can add them in.

Brown Stock

A fumet is similar to a fish stock and fish is used as the main flavoring ingredient. The difference is that a fumet is a more concentrated fish stock. It is made with fish and fish bones and then with finely chopped mirepoix in the west.

Fumet Stock

A Court Bouillon is a stock made from wine and vegetables and it is usually used in fish dishes. Is is an aromatic broth that is used for both poaching fish or vegetables. It can also be used for poaching vegetables, eggs, sweetbreads, cockscombs, and delicate meats.

Court Bouillon

A glace stock is a rich brown sauce in French cuisine that can be used by itself or as a base for other sauces. It comes from the French word glace and is used in reference to sauce which means icing or glaze. It is made by cooking a rich veal or beef stock until it has reduced by 90 percent. It is usually perfect for drizzling over meat, vegetables, burgers, or poutine.

Glace Stock

A remouillage stock is made from bones that have already been used once to make a stock. The stock is weaker than the first stock and is called a "second stock". It is used for water in making another stock or a glace.

Remouillage Stock

A bouillon stock is a French cuisine that is a broth or soup made from broth. It is made by simmering the mirepoix and aromatic herbs with a bouquet garni. It can be beef, veal, poultry bones, shrimp, or vegetables in boiling water to make the stock with.

Bouillon Stock

A jus stock is a French culinary term that means "with juice". It relates to meat dishes prepared or served with a light gravy made from the juices given off by the meat as it is cooked. The jus is a dipping for a French beef sandwich.


A vegetable stock is basically a stock with just pure vegetables. This kind of stock does not have any bones and is just made of vegetables. However not every vegetable is can be used. An example is potatoes and turnips because they will make a gummy, cloudy vegetable stock.

Vegetable Stock

Do you think that stocks are an important part of cooking? I think that stocks are an important part of cooking because some of them can be made and used for other things to like the jus. They are also simple to make so when you are learning to cook it can help you. Some stocks require you to simmer something and you work with all types of meat like beef and fish. It is also used in many dishes and many sauces.

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