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god is always with us

Sunday, February 14th

Welcome to our interactive family worship service. Below are videos, music, and activities that you can do together. Follow the outline and click on the links. We have the opportunity to embrace sharing faith together in a new way. Parents: I know you have a lot on your plates these days. This can be a fun and easy way to connect and share with your children as we grow in faith together.


We’re spending a few months finding out the answer to this question: Who is God? Today we’ll learn that God is always with us.

Who is a famous person you would like to spend time with?

You may never get to spend time with the famous person you thought of, but we do spend time with someone famous every day! God is always with us, and He’s more famous than anyone. We may not see Him around us, but He’s there. Let’s find out about a time people in the Bible realized that.


2 Kings 6:8-23

Today’s story is about two countries that kept fighting: Israel and Aram. Israel was full of God’s chosen people, including a prophet named Elisha. A prophet is someone who God gives messages to so he can tell other people.

The king of Aram made top-secret military plans, but God told Elisha what the plans were! Then Elisha spread the message to his king, and the Israelite army would be able to avoid getting hurt in battle. Let's look at today's lesson from 2 Kings.

Today we learned from the Bible about when God showed Elisha that God is always with us, even if we can’t see Him. There are a lot of things we can’t see but we know are real and all around us.

What are some things that you can't see but you know are all around us?

When the king of Aram found out about Elisha, he was pretty mad. Meanwhile, Elisha and his servant were in a city called Dothan. So there they were, surrounded. Elisha’s servant was afraid! But Elisha knew God is always with us.

Maybe you’ve never been surrounded by an angry-looking army, but there are times and places we really need to remember that God is always with us. In today’s Bible story, Elisha’s servant couldn’t see God’s army at first. But God opened his eyes, and then he could see! 


Choose your favorites to watch and sing along.


We’re learning that God is always with us. Can you think of someone who has always been there for you when you needed help? LaGrange First United Church members are there to help a lot of people in the LaGrange community. Can you think of one way our church helps people?

In today's video we will see how our friend Carl was there for his friends!


You know, it’s awesome when our friends or family are there when we need them. But no one can be with us all the time…except God!

What are some things only God could help you with?

What’s comforting about knowing God is always with you?

God is always with us. We may have good friends like Carl who try to be there to help us out, and we can be a good friend to others, but only God can always be there to help us!


God, open my eyes and let us see that you are always with me. You are with me when I get up in the morning, when I go to sleep, and all through the night. I'm so glad you’re on my side! Thank you for all the amazing ways you love me. Shine your light in me, through me, over me. Help me to make a difference in this world, for your glory and purposes. I love you Lord. Amen!

Monthly bible Memory verse

Jesus replied: "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your should and with all your mind." Matthew 22:37


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