10 Days of Break Sofia mirza


I thought this was a really unique building compared to all of the other buildings in qatar. Mainly because it isn't built of metals and glass like the buildings in the corniche. This is built of cement, I love the shapes and how it looks different from every angle you look at it. This is the first place I went during my break.


I loved this picture because of all of the different colors. We were in the middle of nowhere and driving by all of these umbrellas and I thought it would be great to stop and take a picture of because all the colors caught my eye. I love how the colors pop out of the bunch of trees in the background.


This is also while we were driving, which is also why this is blurry. I love the color of the stairs because it's so much more different than the regular modern stairs here in Qatar. Although this isn't a picture of a door, I think it shows how the stairs lead to a door.


This picture was taken on a timer. I really like it because it shows all of me and my brothers talking together without us fighting which is very rare. I love this restaurant because although the food isn't great its still a great place to take pictures because of all the different colors and the victorian style.

On the go

This picture shows my brothers family going on their way to Banana Island. I like it because it shows them actually candid and not set up. They didn't know I was taking the picture until I showed the picture to them. The sun did mess up the picture, but I still like it a lot.

Simple Pleasure

This is one of my most favorite things to eat, Lasagna! I didn't know what picture to take for this theme until I thought about the one thing I look forward to on a menu. The best part is that it's only for you to share. I love how it has different colors on the top of it rather than just yellow for the cheese.

Something Sweet

This is so good! It's a Pakistani drink called Falooda topped with ice cream! Yes it is edited, because I took it off of my snapchat but it lets the colors pop out more. I love how the pink and the black contrast together. I also like how the drink is so much more different than the colors of the restaurant.

Upside Down

This is upside down because of the reflection of the bridge in the water. The bridge is clearly upside down in the reflection but not in real life. This picture was also edited and taken on a tripod. I love the pop of blue against the white of the bridge.

Where you Stand

I saw this rock and loved how it contrasted with the green grass. I noticed it said love while eating breakfast on the side of the road. I immediately thought of taking a picture while standing on it and realized I could take a picture of it because it went with the theme. I like how its different from other rocks because it says LOVE on it.

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