Inspiring Restroom Graffiti? What?! A story of creative students taking charge of their school’s culture

So one day our Assistant Superintendent walks into the Art Room and says he’s got an idea. He wants to know if the Art & Media students could create some inspiring graphic designs, specifically for Junior High girls. The graphics were to be installed in the girls restrooms.

Two Art & Media students were approached with the idea and, inspired, dove right in to the project.

These were two High School girls, one Junior and one Sophomore, both great kids with hearts for service.

Before long they had 4 graphic designs ready for printing.

Fortunately for our school, the ladies from LDL Foundation had provided money for us to purchase an HP Latex Printer that can make huge vinyl stickers, along with a number of other things.

LDL Foundation has served our community for 25 years

With this printer our Art & Media classes have created stickers, door wraps, banners, yard signs, and window perfs for our school and community.

The girls were very proud of their graphic designs and excited about the possibility of making more.

Actually, this project was one of those, “well, let’s do this and see how it goes,” so we weren’t sure if there were going to be more of these to create.

We installed the vinyl stickers in two different girls restrooms at the Junior High, one sticker for outside the stall and one for the inside.

The vinyl is not too difficult to install, but you do have to squeegee out any air bubbles that might get trapped.

The graphic designs have been a big hit. Our Administration has offered to pay for the materials for 3 vinyl stickers for each of our campuses, Elementary, Intermediate, Junior High and High School. And the campuses are finding creative ways to fund more stickers.

We are extremely fortunate to have opportunities like this. Support from our Community, School Administration, Caring & Creative Staff, and great Students, sets Glen Rose apart from most educational experiences.

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