The following projects represent my best work. Samples are varied from posters to web ads to labels. In all of my projects, I aim for simplicity and clarity in the design process, ending with a symphony of elements that speak for themselves. It is my belief that graphic design is a reverse idea of art: art asks of us the great questions, and design may provide for us the solution.

Tuna Run 200

Computer Lab Logo

Here we have a series of logos for the Computer Tech Skills Center. These needed to be simple and clear, with the flexibility to equally grace the corner of a letterhead and front of a business card.

I have created three campaign posters to be used by localized, grassroots movements and volunteers for mustang advocacy. My posters are designed to create awareness in the average person by comparing American mustangs to other iconic endangered species. My hope is that this will help change the perspective of the wild horse as an invasive species to a reintroduced species, equally worthy as the tiger, rhinoceros, and panda bear of our efforts to preserve and protect them.


Outside of my design work at school, I work on continually improving my photography skills. I aim for clear presentations of subject matter with good dynamic range and compositional strength. These skills have served me well in several school projects because I have the ability to create my own photographs instead of searching for hours on the internet.

Bumblebee on the last of summer's blooms

Here I designed a small series of web ads for a fictional documentary about raptors in the midwestern prairies. This was an excellent exercise for my photoshop skills!

Working this time in Adobe InDesign, I have created a 5x7 mailer for a local business soon to open in the Youngsville/Wake Forest area. Targeted audience: parents who want to provide quality, private music lessons for their children.

This app will not only allow you to track weather locally, it will also allow you to “type” the weather phenomena in your area. See a cloud you want to learn about? Photograph it, upload the photo in the app. The app then checks it against a big database of cloud photography and gives you the best match. You can then learn about your cloud, why it’s there and what it’s going to (most likely) do in the next 12-24 hours.

Another exercise in poster artwork, this design is of a fictional science fiction film.

A lot of Photoshop entails working with significant technical chops. This design was rendered in three-dimensions using the hefty processing power and ability of the software.

Low poly artwork created in Adobe Illustrator has become a favorite out of school past time after I was introduced to it in class! These two posters of SHINee band members represent my best efforts with this kind of design.

Bottle Label Design

Here, I created a label to be used on a 750 mL flint bottle containing grain-distilled vodka from a local micro-brewery. This was created with both Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, using my own photography. My label must have impressed someone, because it was chosen! I did not expect this at all and feel honored that my work in this project was considered to be professional.


All work is original. All rights reserved.

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