Polar Bear Day

Students in Mr. Bertrand's Gr. 4/5 class were invited to participate in a project with the Polar Bear Habitat. February 27 is International Polar Bear Day. To commemorate this day, the students pledged to reduce their carbon footprint to help save sea ice. Polar Bears depend on sea ice to hunt seals for food and with the ice melting, this important food source is becoming more and more difficult to find. This will impact the polar bears greatly.

Cochrane Public School Snow Maiden

Congratulations to Abbygail Tremblay who represented our school at the Miss Chimo Pageant.

Chimo Royalty Visits Classrooms

One longstanding tradition of our annual Winter Carnival is that Miss Chimo and her ladies-in-waiting visit elementary schools to talk about their experiences and to promote their sliding party. This year's royalty was Emilie Ayotte (Miss Chimo), Jezebel Mainville (1st Lady), Kristen Berthiaume (2nd Lady) and Audrey Gravel (Miss Congeniality). Congratulations to all!

Digital Ambassadors

Our iPad coach, Dana McBride, will be working with a group of students from Gr. 4-8, who have shown an aptitude with the iPad and various educational apps. These students will be the go-to people for teachers and peers who need extra help with using the iPad to support learning.

Chimo Winter Carnival

What a week! Our school participated in Thunderation theme days and as expected, our students showed amazing school and carnival spirt by dressing up each day. We had a little friendly school wide competition to see which class could have the best participation. Coming in 1st place was Mme. Penney and Mlle. Stephanie's ELKP group. This group has won a pizza lunch which they will enjoy before March Break.

Dress like your favourite Canadian!
Chris Hadfield (aka Mehzeya)
Myles the Farmer
Hockey Day in Mrs. Meaden's Class!
Pyjama Day
Hockey Day
Dress like your Favourite Canadian Day
Lumberjack Day
Mme. Penney and Mlle. Stephanie's ELKP Class showed the most carnival spirit in the school and will win a pizza party before March Break!

Our school was also invited to attend the School Carnival Day at the Tim Horton Event Centre on Feb. 17. There, students from Grades 3-8 enjoyed swimming, skating and sliding! It was great to see our students interacting with students of Aileen Wright and Nouveau Regarde. Hats off to the Carnival Committee for taking on the daunting task of entertaining about 400 students from all 3 schools!

Carnival Winter Fun Day K-2

Our students from K-2 had their own Winter Carnival Fun Day at school on Feb. 17. They enjoyed various activities such as a sledding obstacle course, Winter Octopus and BINGO. The weather was beautiful and fun was enjoyed by all!

100th Day of School

Students in our Primary classes celebrated the 100th day of school with various literacy and numeracy activities based on the number 100.

Roots of Empathy

Mrs. Meaden's class have been participating in the Roots of Empathy program. In this program, the class adopts a baby and through monthly visits, learn about the baby's growth and development via interactions with the baby. The main goal of this program is to develop social and emotional understanding, promote pro-social behaviours and decrease aggressive behaviours. Baby Quinn and her Mom Kimberly have been wonderful partners in this program!

Pink Shirt Day

These students from Mme. Penney's class wore their pink shirts to promote kindness and acceptance of others. Pink Shirt Day came about when a group of friends organized a protest against bullying by wearing pink in support of their friend who was made fun of for wearing what others' perceived as a female colour.

I Wonder...

So much Math can come out of a real life wondering! Mrs. Wiseman's class begins their gym time with laps. This is what happened when one student wondered, "How far have we run this year!"

Math Club

A group of our Gr. 5-6 students meet afterschool 3x a week to challenge themselves in Math. Below they are working on solving a fraction problem- make 2 different squares that are : 3/16 red, 5/16 blue, 7/16 green, 1/16 yellow.

Kids Have Stress Too!

Mrs. Kershaw, our Child and Youth Worker, leads several programs in our school including the "Kids Have Stress Too" program. This program provides students with the tools necessary to deal with stress. Mme. Cheff's Gr. 1 class recently completed this program.

Mme. Cheff's class proudly display their certificates and gratitude journals upon completion of their program.

What's New in Gr. 2?

After reading the story "La musique d'Antonio", the students were excited to hear Antonio Vivaldi's songs called "Four Seasons". They drew what they imagined when they heard the songs and guessed which song was about which season.

PROJECT TIME continues to be a favourite part of Mme. Charlebois' class' day!

Nolan and E.J. created several different designs using the shapes they have learned in class.

Khamdyn and Alannah also worked on shapes!

Alannah, Breanne and Austin practiced their words and sounds of the week using magnets during Project time.

Alannah was excited to show her classmates the pattern that she created during Project time. She explained that the pattern rule was repeating colours as well as amount of blocks.

Mason and Kai had a plan that they were going to create a lizard during Project time. They researched several different types of lizards on the iPad until they found the right one! Here is a replica of the lizard using only pipe cleaners!

Breanne was proud to show off the cat she created using only paper and pipe cleaners during Project time!

Evelyn, Kohen, Leeanna, and Breanne worked hard all week during Project time to create their own amusement park. Their structure included roller coasters and a wave pool!

STEM Challenges in Kindergarten

Mme. Demers and Mme. Charron's ELKP class have been learning to think creatively and solve problems while tinkering and building. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math and each of these challenges use everyday items such as plastic cups, elastics and tape. The students clearly enjoy this time!

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