The Manifest Miner By Jack Seifert

“Why would you do that” John said as he was sitting down on his bed.

“I did that because I wanted you to become a strong man” Stan barked

“I would’ve liked to have a normal life” John boomed***

Deep in the mine the air reeked and every little black speck got on your clothes. You could tell no one wanted anything to do anything with the most hardest job of all coal mining. The mine looked as though it was night for all eternity, and the walls looked like they have been drenched with a hose of water.

There in the back left corner you can a sliver of John’s face. John got this job because everyone at work knows how much trouble John has been through a lot. His mother Mary has cancer, and his father Stan died the day after he was born because there was in explosion in the mines that killed thousands of men.

Usually John spends his day mining away to pay for his mother’s medical care. John hates mining because it reminds him of what his dad what’ve been like. He really wishes his dad was alive because he needs someone who he can tell his troubles to because if he tells his mom she will start crying because she also suffers from depression. He really needs something miraculous to happen in his life.

On a dark and stormy day just before John left for work he heard someone choking. He got up out of bed to investigate who or what was making that awful sound. As he walked down the hall he noticed the sound was coming from his mother's room. Once he got inside his mother’s room he noticed she was on the ground struggling for air.

The first thing he did was that he dialed 911 straight away, after that he began to do the himalic. Once he realized that wasn't working he tried to give her mouth to mouth but that didn't go so well. Luckily the ambulance got there just in time and took John and his mom to the hospital.

Once he got to the hospital, he found himself sitting in the same room his mother gave birth to him in. Luckily for him the doctor had told him that she would be alright and that she had choked on a very hard, and brown looking substance that might've been a relative to poison. Thankfully she had survived because without her he is lost. While he is waiting in the hospital he swears to catch the person who poisoned his mother.

The next day John began to search the house for clues to anything related to the attack last night. John kept saying “how did the murder get into my house last night,” The only person who could’ve possibly gotten in was my Dad because he has a key, but he is dead so he couldn’t have possibly done it.

Just then out of the corner of his eye he could see a small picture of what seems to be of his Dad lying on the ground of his mother’s bedroom.

“I think I know exactly what happened on that terrible stormy morning.” gushed John

A few days later when Mary was out of the hospital, Mary was just getting out of bed when John croaked “What really happened the night Stan had died?”

“The police never had his dead body, they just assumed because your father created a fake body that night so he could be at your birth and working to make money for us.”explained Mary

“But why didn’t he just come home?”asked John

“Because no one was supposed to die that night, and if all those other people had to suffer so can we because he felt guilty.” replied Mary

“Than what did you choke on?.” muttered John

“I didn’t realize that liquid chocolate was in my cup.” explained Mary

Just as John was about to leave for work his father Stan knocked on the door and said “Am I a little too late?”

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