This is a story. My design story.

My journey through this class has been frustrating for me. I'm good at design. Everyone I know told me this class would be easy, but that was not the case. Every design I had done prior to this class was sports-related, much different than making mailers for a college or newsletters for major corporations. This was a new journey, a new challenge.

One of the first design challenges was a business card. I liked my business card. I used a company I, as an OKC native, am very familiar with: Chesapeake Energy. I had to get crafty here. The downtown OKC skyline, as seen above, now features the massive Devon Energy Tower. Devon Energy, as you could correctly guess, is a huge competitor of Chesapeake. I used a few little blending tricks in Photoshop to cover it with the oil derrick and liked how it turned out. Below is the back of the card.

In addition to the business card, I also had to create a letterhead and newsletter for the same company. I really like how my newsletter design turned out:

I felt consistency between my letterhead and business cards was essential. Any and all stationery must use the same fonts, colors and logos because this creates a trust between the sender and the receiver of these materials. If someone gets a business card that looks very different from the letterhead on a letter from the same person, they might question its legitimacy.

My next project was a series of direct mailers. These were going to be used by the University of Oklahoma to recruit students to attend. Professor Croom gave us plenty of resources to use, from photos of OU and Adobe Illustrator icons. We also had to create a target audience for each of the two mailers. For my first one, I chose students who don't feel they can afford college. The second one targeted parents who wanted more information on the University. This was probably my best design of the semester.

Mailer #1
Mailer #2

My next task was social media graphics made with the online design program Canva. I can't tell you how much I love Canva. I recently bought the premium version and it's like a whole new world! This is one of the most user-friendly design programs I've ever come across. It is so simple, yet the possibilities are endless.

My first graphic was a facebook cover photo to be used on the brand's Facebook page. This celebrates the company's 100th anniversary sale, something i made each graphic for.

Needless to say, I really enjoyed this project. I think this project tied for second with my Chesapeake project. If I could've used more complex programs like InDesign, Illustrator or Photoshop, this could've easily been my best project of the semester.

The next graphic is a Facebook post again advertising the 100th Anniversary Sale. You can see a Gucci store in the background.
I used the same photo from the Facebook post in my Instagram post. I like consistency and I really love the luxury and elegance in this photo, something Gucci has encompassed from its beginning. Because this is for Instagram, a platform in which many people quickly scroll through, I had to keep text to a minimum. If I posted this, I would use a caption like, "We're approaching the 100th Anniversary Sale! Click the link in our bio to learn all about this once in a lifetime event!"
My final piece in this Unit was a Pinterest graphic. This is something that could be used by Gucci itself or a blogger that is sponsored by Gucci. This would be used as a gateway to Gucci's website or a blog.

The last unit in Pubs was to design a newsletter for a Fortune 500 company. After doing some research, I chose Disney. This allowed me to work with something I love in Disney and allowed me to be creative. I think the best part of this project was my cover. It was cute, "punny" and nostalgic.

I absolutely love this photograph of Walt Disney. I imagined this newsletter using a different photo of Walt each month. I thought them using rare photos of him would give readers, whether they're a Disney employee, a shareholder or a park visitor, a unique look into his life.
I hate this. I hated it when I turned it in and I hate it even more now. I rushed through it. I should've taken my time and done a better job. I was just out of creative juice and motivation by the time I got to this project.

All in all, this class was a great experience. I learned a lot about myself. I learned a lot about design. I learned a lot about myself in the world of design. I spent a semester doing something I liked to do in my free time. This was easily one of the best classes I've taken in my years at OU. I will definitely use things I've learned in this class throughout the rest of my career.

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