Feudal Japan By Harmanjit Singh

Samurai Code

The samurai code developed over several centuries.By the 17th century it took final form in Bushido.¨The way of the warrior.¨It help the society to be honest,fair,fearless in the face of death,without the code they would just be normal people without the code like not following the code.

Form Of Government

The government had of japan was interesting they had festivals and celebrations on the heian calender had its own customs.Many involved contests that tested athletic,poetic,or artistic skills.It thought them to be caring to have fun with each other without that stuff they would fight with each other screaming at each other


The japan of the samurai period was both like and unlike Europe during the middle ages,.In both societies,ties of loyalty and obligation bound lords and vassals.It helped them make a good military,built like a base to protect them without that they would die and no protection to protect them.

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