Pulchritude By AJ Acup

About Pulchritude

Pulchritude is a printmaking piece. There are several versions of it including two thumbnails, a graphite outline, a rubber print, and five printmaking copies.

"Pulchritude Thumbnail"

First I drew a thumbnail with pencil on sketch paper and outlined it with Micron ink pens. I colored it because I was bored one day.

"Pulchritude Graphite"

Then after I knew what I was making, I redrew the thumbnail with a very soft graphite pencil (9B), but in reverse.

"Pulchritude Print"

I pressed the graphite image onto a slab of rubber so the graphite would transfer to the rubber. Next I used some sort of etching tool (I don't even know what it was) to carve out the image. I rolled ink onto the finished print and used a press to push paper onto the ink. I made 5 copies.

"Pulchritude" AP 2/5

The A/P was supposed to be an Artist Proof mark, but I didn't know what my teacher was talking about so I just wrote A over P. The first copy I made (AP 1/5) I gave to a friend. The one shown here is AP 2/5 which was in an art show offered at $500 because that's what it would have taken for me to willingly part from it.

"Pulchritude" AP 3/5

I used less ink on the last 3 copies just to see what it would look like. This one is AP 3/5 and was in an art show for $4,000,000 because I found it funny.

"Pulchritude" AP 4/5
"Pulchritude" AP 5/5


"Pulchritude" 5 Prints were made of this carved stamp. The first was given to a friend; I have the 2nd, 4th, and 5th; and my art teacher had the 3rd in an art show offered at $4,000,000.
"Pulchritude Fourth Print"
"Pulchritude Fifth Print"
"Pulchritude Thumbnail" version 2 (Unknown date other than Dec 2015)
ex-WIP "Pulchritude" Some of the file dates are incorrect, like this one. 5 Oct is right, not Sep.
ex-WIP "Pulchritude"
"Pulchritude Thumbnail" version 1


Created By
AJ Acup

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