Victorian era sports by josh Ramirez 4th period

The Victorian era was characterized by many games and leisure activities. Games like rugby, croquet, and cricket were all popular sports among the era.

The most popular sport during the Victorian era was rugby. It is said the sport of rugby was started by William Ellis in 1823. He did so by picking up the ball during a soccer match and running with it into the end zone creating the main motion of the sport. Like todays soccer and football you cannot be off sides. Punching , tripping , and tackling late are all illegal. In 1871 the rugby football unuion was established creating offical rules for the sport. Also like football you score by getting a man with the ball into the end zone. Rugby would later branch off into two of the worlds biggest sports football and soccer.

Women during the Victorian era had very limited options when it came to participating in sports. Croquet today and back then was one of the few sports women could compete fairly against men as the sport is based off of pure skill. The object of the game is to advance your ball through the course scoring points for each wicket and stake in the correct order and direction.

The sport of cricket was played long before the Victorian era but during this era the game grew rapidly in England. Cricket is a bat and ball sport with outs, innings, and runs. One important object of the game is the wicket. The wickets are three stumps hammered into the ground after each pitch. The vertical stumps hold two small bails on top. The bowler(pitcher) attempts to knock off the bails by striking the wicket and the batsman tries to stop the ball from hitting the wicket. Fielders try to stop the hitter from getting to the crease(base). Cricket today is still a large sport in the Eastern world and seems to have influenced the sport of baseball.

Most sports in the victorian era are not very popular today but they have influenced todays most popular sports like football, soccer, and baseball.


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