Lacey Timberland Library

Lacey Library History

The Lacey Library began in a bookmobile in 1966, moved into rented space in Market Square in December 1966, and expanded to 4,800 square feet in the Lacey Village Shopping Center in 1976.

A new 20,000 square foot library adjacent to Lacey City Hall opened in March 1991. Lacey had annexed to Timberland for its library services.

Construction of the Lacey Timberland Library in summer 1990, roughly 30 years ago! Courtesy of the City of Lacey and the Lacey Museum's Online Collections Database at Partners

In 1997 updates were made to the library to accommodate internet usage, new paint and carpet was added in 2011, and in 2016 new lounge furniture was introduced.

2020 Remodel

The anticipated Fall 2020 Remodel was rescheduled to Summer 2020, allowing us to complete planned construction work while all Timberland libraries remained closed to the public due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Installation of new lighting

The remodel began mid-July and was completed in early October 2020. Improvements included:

  • Installation of a single-occupancy family restroom
  • Replacement of all service desks with height adjustable stations to accommodate all patrons
  • Creation of a check-in room to consolidate materials return and processing in one convenient area
  • New library layout to improve health and safety of staff and patrons in response to COVID-19

Funding for this project was made possible by the City of Lacey, Timberland Regional Library, and through generous donations by the Friends of the Lacey Timberland Library and our community.

Original Service Desks

Five new height adjustable service desks were installed to help us better serve all of our patrons.

Previous service desk, in existence since 1991
Previous service desks were tall and fixed in place

Updated Service Desks

The new service desks are centrally located for maximum visibility when patrons need assistance, but can also be relocated throughout the building to meet future needs.

New desks are adjustable, flexible, and welcoming

Single Occupancy Family Restroom

An ADA compliant single occupancy family restroom with adult sized changing table was installed to accommodate the needs of all patrons, families, and caretakers.

New family restroom
Large adult sized changing table is available

*Restrooms are unavailable during COVID-19 restrictions. Thank you for your patience.

New Furniture

Old furniture was replaced to offer more options including oversized chairs and furniture with or without arms. The new furniture is also easier to keep clean and will hold up better over time.

Example of previous furniture
Updated furniture

New Checkout & Returns Areas

We have checkout machines on each side of the front desk to allow even the busiest of patrons to quickly stop by the library to pick up their holds and borrow materials.

A centralized check-in room was created to receive materials from both the interior and exterior walk-up book returns. This area will also house the new automated materials handling machine for check-ins and sorting, coming soon!

Checkout machine
New interior book return
New check in room

Improvements for Library Takeout

Takeout Windows

Blue tape marking the proposed location for Library Takeout windows
Exterior view of proposed location for Library Takeout windows
Library Takeout windows installed on both sides of the building entry
Library Takeout window close up view

New Awning

A new awning with retractable roof was installed to ensure that our patrons have a positive experience no matter the weather.

Side view of awning
The Lacey library renovation was made possible by the help of our partners The City of Lacey and The Friends of the Lacey Timberland Library.