Japan Thing

Samurai: A Samurai is the highest rank of warrior in Japan. They are known for there respect, honor, loyalty, and there culture. If Japan didn't have Samurai then Japan would be a mess because there would be robbers, thefts, and other places would attack them. If Samurai didn't exist then there wouldn't be armor.

Feudalism is a social system that divides everybody by there rank and it shows there power. Feudalism is important because it gives everybody jobs and and roles on there every day life and our life. If we didn't have feudalism then the world would fall apart due to robbers, terrorist, and many more, and we wouldn't know what to do.

Religion is belief of a god and to worship them. Japan main religion was Shintoism and Buddhism. Religion is important because it gives us our rules and what we are living for. If we didn't have religion then we wouldn't know the things we believe.


Created with images by kevin dooley - "Osaka Japan" • madmrmox - "Japanese Samurai"

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