I might be crazy By: avery eschliman

"You're useless! Do you know what we've done for you?! I Pay for your food and clothe you! And what you put your mother through! You are so disrespectful!" The slashes came down in syllables, littering the floor with blood droplets.

"I got sick. I'm sorry for being human." I choke, the pain being nearly unbearable. I can't take it anymore as a traitor tear falls. He can't treat someone of his own creation well, how does he treat others?

"Do not make excuses for your own faults! What about the boy you invited in without our permission?" He slows down the wipping, sitting the belt aside quickly after hearing my mother call from downstairs.

"He's a friend from school. He brought me medicine."

"Drugs! He brought you drugs! Do you know what will happen to you if you take drugs?"

"I'll get better?" I whimper as mother walks through the door. I see fathers face twist in disgust before turning to her.

"That boy is a drug addict with a boyfriend and is going to hell if we don't do something." He hisses after giving her a hello kiss.

"Calm down dear. The boy is only five." she smiles and ushers him away. He grunts and stomps towards the kitchen.

"M-Mama, he hit me again." I snivel, allowing myself to break down in her arms.

"Shh Shh baby it's okay. He only hits you because he loves you. He wants you to learn. Though, I wish he wouldn't make you bleed this much, it is getting tiresome to clean." she sighs, pulling of my small shirt, using it to wipe up the trickle of red on my back, then wiping at the floor.

"He said I was going to Hell. I don't understand."

"It's where bad people go when they die."

"Is father going to hell?"

"No! He does as god tells him to."

"I thought that was the good guy."

"He is."

"Then why would he tell father to hit me?" She stops scrubbing the flood to look at me. Her gaze was cold as she stood. She dropped the shirt.

"He does as he pleases and if you go against him," She leans down, holding my face harshly. "you will be the one downstairs with the devil." She smiles like a mother after letting me go. "Clean up for dinner, now." She rummages through her pocket and pulls out a piece of hard candy, placing it softly in my palm.

"Yes mother."


"Darling? I told you to go to bed. Don't Be afraid of the dark." Mother grumbles at the sound of my feet against the creaky floor.

"You should be afraid." I stand next to the bed, just out of her reach. She could barely see my figure. I can't see over the bed.

"What? Go to bed. You are being insane." She groans, sitting up.

"Isn't cleaning blood insane?"

"Now that's disrespectful. Go before I wake your father."

"Try it." She makes a grunt of annoyance before switching on her lamp and turning to him. She gasps, likely noticing the knife in his throat.

"What did you do?!" She quickly rolls out of bed, landing swiftly to pick me up by my neck. "This cannot be forgiven! You are no child of mine! You were born from hell and that is where you belong!" She presses her thumbs harshly, cutting off my oxygen.

"He deserved it." I smile with my last breath before swinging the other knife I brought from the kitchen. She doesn't understand the sudden impact and drops me, stumbling backwards. I move towards her slowly, as she chokes on her own blood. "How sweet is death?" I whisper, placing the candy from earlier into her mouth with a smile.


I gasp myself awake again, pressing a hand to my chest to control my ragged breathing and pounding heart. I hate those memories. If only they weren't so cruel, I wouldn't have chosen this path... Oh well! Time for work!

I roll out of the provided bunk and over to the closet, slipping on my fully black uniform. I put on some old sneakers and walk out of my dorm. Out the door, to the right, and down the hall. I'm living the dream. Three meals a day, a nice bed, air conditioning, and, best of all, I get to do what I like. I have never been told who I work for, only that I have a list every day and a home every night. I stare at the list in the dining hall. I have this running theory that this is actually an old military bunker. I like to play war with the training guns they provide for me. Guns aren't really my style but having skills pleases boss. Okay... Only five names today? I'm getting a break, I guess.

"Good morning! Breakfast is ready." The man's voice from the intercom startles me.

"Good morning Boss!" I smile into a camera. I watch the lense dilate as the camera follows me to the kitchen. A plate with eggs and potatoes is laid out along with some juice and a water. "You'll have to tell me how do you manage this everyday." I laugh, knowing the general area is void of people.

"It'll be my last words, kid. Look, today we didn't have much of a list so you get a little break for a couple days. Go get socialized." He chuckles lightly. Socialized? Does he mean make friends?

"I only ever did that as a child and you know it didn't go well..." Everybody called him my boyfriend like it was a bad thing. What's so wrong with loving a boy? I knew lots of people who loved boys.

"Hey. You are kind of scary without hanging out with anybody."

"Ouch." I feign hurt as I stuff my face. He must be hellbent on getting me to go outside.

"Sorry, just... How about a deal. You go out for coffee after your list. Make a friend. You can bring them here if you want. Just don't go get someone pregnant, okay?" Pregnant? What does that mean? I'm sure I can avoid it.

"Yea, okay."


Boss POV flashback

I watch him move the papers around, trying to find any warmth in the sheets of grey muddled stories. He must be freezing out here all alone. Where is this kid from anyway? I shouldn't be here. My moms gonna kill me if I bring home some random kid off the street. But I can't leave him. I rummage through my pocket. Perfect.

"Kid? Hey, kid. You alive?" I sit next to the child. His eyes snap open and he grabs a stick from next to him, pointing is at me.

"What do you want!" He shouts.

"I wanted to give you something." I try to offer him the lighter. He smacks my hand away.

"I don't want anything from you!" He stands, getting into a fighting stance, panting, the pain in his face making it evident he had done this before. He had lost before.

"Look. I'm not gonna fight you. Just take the granola bar." I move my hand closer slowly.

"It's poison. Narcotics. I don't want it." How did this kid-? Why would he assume drugs? Geez what is going on in his head?

"I promise. I'll eat half to make you feel better." I unwrap it. He sits back down, his breathing becoming steady.

"I want to break it." He holds his hand out, waiting for me to give it to him.

"Fine." I allow him to snatch it. I sit patently as he attempts to break it the long way. "What are you-"

"Shut up!" He, surprisingly, cracks the bar in a straight line.

"Wow. Why make is so difficult?"

"If you did only hide drugs in part of it, you probably spread it across to either side. If I break it like this, you'll have to have some and I'm not taking a bite until you finished yours." He huffs, scooting towards the wall, watching me and waiting.

"Oh... okay then." I start chewing on the grain. It's stale but surprisingly good.

"I trust you." The little boy blinks, standing back up, waddling over to me. "You're good." He pats my head as I finish my last bite.

"Thanks. Now you should eat too. I need to get going but you can have this." I hold out the lighter and he takes it. "I'll help you make a little fire real quick. I can come back tomorrow too."

"Thank you." He jumps into my arms, wrapping his around my neck.

"No problem." I rub his back, grabbing papers for the fire.


"Where have you been young man?!" My mother stomps around the corner as the door opens, running up to me immediately after. "I was so worried." She wraps her arms around my neck and runs her fingers through my hair.

"I'm alright mum. Sorry I was late." I bend down a little to hug her middle.

"Right. Okay. Tell me where you were over dinner." She regains her calm and walks to the table, making me a plate.

"Thanks mum." I kiss her cheek before walking to the sink, washing my hands.

"Tell Manny to come down for dinner. He was worried about you too." She scolds, pointing an accusing finger at me before shifting it towards the top of the stairs, where my little brothers room is. I nod.

"Manny? Are you up here?"

"Bubby!" His door is thrown open and he jumps out, wrapping his arms around me. I lift him up easily, the little shrimp. "Momma gah worry so I gah super worry and and I didn't think you were gonna be home." He cries, soaking the shoulder of my jacket as I rub his back.

"Bubby is fine. It's time for dinner though, so wash up." I pull him off of me, kissing his hair. He wipes his eyes on his sleeve and runs to the kitchen.

"See. He was very scared. You should know better and text or call. I got you a phone for a reason. Use it." Mum walks in from the kitchen, carrying a bowl of mashed potatoes. I take it from her and set it on the table behind me.

"I will, mum. I'm sorry." I kiss her other cheek and walk into the kitchen, grabbing the plate of casserole as I feel a tug on my shirt.

"Up! Bubby, up! Peas!" Manny pouts. I smile at the sight, curling him under my arm, balancing the food in my other hand.

"We get to have this little boy for dinner too!" I set the dish down and pick the little boy up simba style.

"Eeei! No food! Nah food!" He giggles, kicking his legs.

"Calm down boys. You'll break the ceiling again." Mum giggles. I set Manny in his seat, joining them from the opposite side of the table. "Now tell us exactly where you were." She starts adding items to Manny's plate.

"I was walking home from school. I saw the little boy again and he looked cold. I gave him a granola bar and I made him a little fire. I promise I ran home after that."

"Oh I raised such a good boy! You little gentleman!" Mum smiles. "It's alright darling. As long as you weren't out smoking with those friends of course." She stabs her plate before continuing to eat.

"Mum..." I won't do it ever again! I'm sorry! I ruined everything and I know it! Please don't hate me! I try to choke out an apology. It doesn't work so I opt to stuffing my mouth full, clearing my plate quickly. She also continues to eat and not until she is finished does she let out a sigh.

"Don't say anything. Not in front of Manny." Her smile falters for a second when he looks up at her. "We went over this and it's okay. I'm sorry for mentioning them." The boys who tore my family apart. My dad would have stayed if he hadn't caught me being forced to smoke. Well, maybe he wouldn't have stayed, but it would have ended better than it did.

"I'm still sorry mum." I try keeping my composure.

"I know. It wasn't your fault." She stands to take away her plate. I stand and take it for her. I know she understands. I just can't get over the fact that I let it happen.

"I'm going to have a walk after the dishes." I pick up the other plates.

"Alright. Call if you need me." I lean down for her and she kisses my cheek.

"Me too! Buddy! Me go!" Manny bounces in his highchair.

"No, Manny. I'm going by myself." I kiss his hair.


Candy POV present time

First person... Jan Hessen. She's a murderer feigning amnesia to escape her trail. Tsh, I hate that. Boss witnessed it with his own eyes, it says right here. 'I watched her stab my friend to death. I think it was revenge for cheating on her. Though, he dumped her months ago for consistent lying.' Poor guy. Yea, she deserves a candy cane. Not in a good way. I enter the small office building.

"I have a meeting with The lead singer, Jan. I am here to interview her on her warm ups and how she sings." I smile, holding up a recording device. The lady at the desk looks confused before nodding and pointing me off in my own direction. I follow the dreary walkway to a door. The large star with a name on it hints to its owner. I knock softly. "Ms. Hesse? I have an interview scheduled."

"I know! I remember scheduling that! Come in! Take a seat!" She shouts without opening the door. Liar. I chuckle under my breath and walk in slowly.

"Hello! Lovely to meet you!" I smile and hold out my hand. She takes it quickly, fixing her messy hair.

"I'm sorry. What are you here for again?" She moves towards me, settling down on the arm of my chair.

"I know who you murdered." I smile, pulling out a harmless piece of hard candy, plopping it into my mouth.

"What? I never murdered anyone!" She jumps back, hand over her heart.

"You're scared. I can smell it. But, considering how much you do it, you still failed to convince me you aren't lying." I stand, offering her another piece of sugar. She accepts too quickly, as if politely accepting a gift will help her here.

"I haven't killed anyone and I am not a liar." She stomps, slurring over the candy. I really can't tell why she can't accept her own faults.

"Did you kill your boyfriend?"

"He is my ex and no. Get out. I'm calling security." She reaches for her phone.

"You'll die before they reach you. I locked the door." I smile. She looks even more horrified as she walks backwards into a wall.

"N-no- you-" She chokes, coughing.

"Hydrochloric acid poisoning is great, right? So, before you die, choke out a 'yes' for me, will you? Just to prove that I'm not crazy. I kill for a purpose." I smile, grabbing the mic and holding it close to her lips. "Did you kill him?"

"Ye-e-" She chokes before collapsing entirely, a slow trickle of blood leaving the lips of her hunched form.

"Wow. That was less dramatic than I hoped. Well you heard it from her own mouth, she's a killer. And she made it onto my list. The candy killer's list." I giggle into the mic before setting it down and walking away from the corpse, leaving her eyes open. Okay next name...


"I'm back boss! What now?" I shout into the empty, underground bunker. Boooored! I hit one of the cold walls, putting a reasonable dent in the metal.

"Go out! You need somebody your age that you aren't supposed to kill." I hear soft laughs from the other end of the line.

"But whyyyy?" I whine sarcastically, draping myself over a table.

"I want you to have a friend. I need you to have a friend." A sigh escapes him.

"I'll go out, just for you." I roll my eyes. He knows what's best for an insane person like me. I should listen.

"Thanks. I'll see you back by dinner time."

"Okay, boss."


I saunter out of the bunker with a hood over my face. I'm really going to have to make conversation. I feel my stomach start twisting. I'm going to say the wrong things. I'll scare everyone. They'll think I'm a freak again. They'll try to send me away again. I can't disappoint boss. But... nobody will like me. I'm a psychopath. Nobody will like me. I can't have friends. I'll hurt someone. I'll hurt someone innocent. I can't. I'm only good at ending lives. I can't talk to people. I clutch where my heart should be. The only way to know I have one is the fact that it won't stop beating.

"I said get off!" I let go of my thoughts to listen. My breathing is too loud! I can't hear what they're saying! In, out, in, out... okay. I'm okay. I just won't go back to that. I ran when I was six, how do I even remember? It's been ten years! Get your head in the game! Somebody's in distress! I move towards the alley I heard it from.

"Hey! You better shut up before I have to shut you up myself." A rough voice hushes.

"Too late. You are very bad at whispering." I slip around the corner, pulling my hood off, allowing my fringe to cover my face. A large man stood there, holding a smaller girl against a wall. She took the time, while he stared at me, to grab something and spray him in the face, sending him sputtering backwards.

"Run!" She grabbed my hand and raced out of the alley, attempting to pull me with her.

"No. You should go. I'll stay." I smile, gently pulling her hand away. She stopped and turned back to me with a confused expression.

"We have to get out of here. He'll attack you too!" She pulls on my sleeve again.

"You run. I'll take care of him." I turn around, ignoring her plea. The dust that she sprayed at him left wandering particles. They can't be too harmful. I walk through them to reach the writhing criminal.

"I'll kill you! I'm gonna kill you girl!" He keeps his eyes shut tight as he lunges out at me. I scoot to the side, noticing my eyes feeling itchy. They're really itch, and my skin hurts. What did she spray around here? "Where'd you go?" He hisses, flailing his arms.

"You're so pathetic. You can't even find me." I laugh, getting his attention. I step away so he would run straight at me. He does as expected, racing towards me. I pull out a thin knife and hold it at him. He runs into it, immediately regretting everything. I barely have to do anything to push him to a wall. He drops to his knees. "Do you have the life in you to say you're guilty?" I pull out a pocket recorder, turning it on to asks my question. He doesn't respond and instead opts to stare at a wall behind me. "I see. Well, he is guilty, I watched it. Assaulting people is wrong and everyone should know. Take this guy for example." I chuckle a little and end the recording, dropping the box into his coat pocket.

Nobody is going to believe it was me if I don't fix this scene. I stand back to inspect my work. I used a knife... I walk closer and gently pull out the metal. I place it back in my pocket and pull out a candy cane. I don't have time to sharpen it as I would like, so, I simply place it into the knife hole, wrapper and all. There! Good enough.

"Y-you killed him..." I look back to the entrance of the alley. I told her to run! Why is she still here? Great. Now she'll tell the cops what I look like!

"I'm sorry for the mess, and the disruption. You can just say you saw the candy killer, or whatever the papers are calling me these days." I smile. She takes a step back, edging out onto the sidewalk. I decide to walk the opposite direction, towards the small opening into another busy street.

"I can't tell the cops I was saved by a serial killer!" She chases. I hear her heavy boots following me.

"Then what can you do?" I turn. If she's scared will she run away? It's worth a shot. I lean against the grimy wall and pull out the bloody knife. She stops walking at a short distance. She stares at the ground sheepishly before returning my gaze with an idea.

"I-I'll come with you!" You want to follow a murderer?! How messed up is this girl?! I can't stay with another human being without killing it for so long! I-Ill kill her... it'll just happen and I will have killed someone innocent. I only notice I dropped my weapon when I hear it hit the ground.

"That's a horrible idea." I blink the shock off of my face. I need some sugar to calm me down. I pull out a sucker and plop it into my mouth. Raspberry, my favorite.

"Just, listen, okay. You saved my life! I'll do whatever, just, I can't go home." She starts cracking her knuckles in a nervous fashion. I walk towards her, until we are a mere foot apart, noticing a distinct odor.

"Why?" I smirk. She can't be serious. I'm not going to risk her life. She'll find reason.

"What?" She takes a step back. I guess she didn't understand.

"Why can't you go home?" Do I need to put her family on the list too?

"Oh... umm... It's my parents. They hate me. It's not that they hurt me, it's just... they hate everything I do." She sighs, rocking back and forth on her heels.

"Like drugs?" I've definitely smelt that scent before and it wasn't around a bunch of sober people. She stares with a confused expression as if she never thought of that before. "You smell like weed." I hold back a little laughter. She doesn't understand how that's bad for her?

"Shut up! I like it and it never hurt anyone." She pouts, going a little red. She's like a little kid! I could be like a big brother. Wait! No! I can't take her in! I'm a murderer! She wouldn't be safe!

"Okay, okay, go home. I don't need any druggies my general area." I start walking away. She stomps after me.

"Hey! I'm not a druggie!" She continues to follow me out onto a sidewalk.

"It sure smells like it." I retort, hoping she would run away soon.

"I didn't even have any tonight. I was the DD."

"The what?"

"Designated driver." She rolls her eyes.

"You can drive?!" She's like fourteen!

"Well, yea. I'm old enough to have a permit and my friends have licenses. So it's all good." She shrugs. So I could get a car and travel away. I could get all the other criminals I know of! This is great! I turn to thank her, noticing the man walking near the alley.


"What?" She jogs after me. She won't stop following, will she? I stop, placing a hand on each of her shoulders.

"Are you going to die with me?"

"What?" She gasps, still red from running.

"If I let you come with me, will you die?"

"No." She gives a determined nod and I grab her hand, pulling her with me.


I sprint a mile or so before slipping into another alley.

"What the hell was that?!" She huffs, sitting next to me as I look back out to the street. He must have stopped chasing us.

"Well you didn't want to be taken to jail, did you?" I sigh, helping her off the ground. "Now go home. I can't take you with me." I pat her head gently and begin walking away.

"Hell no." She holds my arm. Really?

"If you don't go by yourself, I'll have to leave you unconscious. Who knows who else is around here." I gently pull her hand off my wrist, continuing to walk away. I leave the alley, she follows. "Look, I can hear you following me." I turn around. She stops and stares at her feet. "If you follow me you are in danger. You could get arrested. I don't think you need that. You have a family. Get back to them."

"But I want you to be my family!" Does... does she want me to be her big brother too?

"Fine. But I can't help you if you get into trouble." She's in for a rude awakening.

"I'm okay with that. I've always had a thing for bad boys." She smiles, interlocking our fingers. I allow it and guide her towards my bunker.

"I'm not really bad. I just rid the world of bad people. If anything, I'm good." I smile.

"Oh... I guess you kind of are!" She skips along next to me.


"Boss! I found a friend just like you told my to!" I shout into the dim cafeteria.

"Who are you-?"

"She looks very nice! I'm proud!"

"What in the everloving-?!" She jumps behind me in response to his voice.

"What's the girl's name?" Oh... I suppose I never asked.

"Kate... the name is Kate." She looks over my shoulder, noticing the room is still vacant. "Who the hell is talking?" She hisses.

"This is my boss!" I smile.

"Yea, yea, go play, kid. I've got some work to do."

"Got it boss." I wink at the camera and walk down the halls to my room.

"You kill people for a guy with a mic?"

"Yea! He tells me why they're so bad and I give them their just deserts. Sometimes I serve whoever I find. Like today!" I smile.

"Oh... thank you for that. I meant to say it sooner." She gets a little red. Maybe it's too hot in here.

"No problem. He deserved it."

"Well! Could you show me around? I would love to see where the killer does his work." She must be pretty crazy.

"I don't do much outside this room and the cafeteria. I have a shooting range down the hall. Though, I really think you should get home."

"It isn't happening. Let it go. I want to stay with you." She grabs my hand. I allow it and continue towards my room.

"Home sweet home." I switch on the lights, a rare occurrence . I much prefer the dark.

"Huh..." She looks around, confused.

"Whats wrong?" Is this not what rooms are supposed to look like? Is there something offensive about it?

"Oh, nothing. I guess I just expected more gore." she giggles.

Plane ride

We got our meals after a few hours. Our teacher was tired of going so slow. Raymon didn't seem to enjoy the height. He just clawed at the armrest deeper at any turbulence.

"Raymon are you going to eat? I'm sure your seat would appreciate it." I chuckle as he tenses up at the slight rocking of the plane.

"I'm going to eat when this death trap stops shaking." He almost grabs a cracker from his tray but grabs the chair again before he gets to it.

"At this rate I'll have to feed you. Just let go." I place a hand over top his. He relaxes a bit and I lift his wrist towards the fork he was supposed to use. I practically fed him, my hand never leaving its place.

"I can feed myself you know." He grumbles as I open his chips for him.

"But you like it more when I feed you." I giggle as I raise one up to his mouth. He bites it away from me, still pouting.

"Just hurry up. I don't want my ice cream to melt." He mumbles as I continue to serve him.

"I didn't get ice cream in my meal." I look around and it seems everyone but me has a frozen treat.

"Okay? Ask the stewardess for some." He rolls his eyes.

"Fine." I manage to wave a lady down and she bends over so we are face to face.

"What's the problem miss?" I ignore the miss gendered pronoun.

"I didn't get any ice cream on my tray." She blinks and stands back up to look at the food in front of me.

"Ice cream doesn't come with a vegetarian meal, sweetie. I could get you a cookie instead. Be right back!" She walks off before I can respond and I sigh in defeat.

"Why didn't you correct her?" I turn back to Raymon, who seemed a little pissed.

"I live in this body." I gesture to myself. "There isn't enough time in the day to correct every person who messes up." I shrug.

"But you should take it as a complement. You just look so cute!" He chuckles, wrapping his arms around me. Wait a minute.

"First of all, you know I'm a boy. Second, were you just pretending to be scared so I would feed you?!" I whisper shout. Most of the class was asleep. Considering dinner was served over half an hour ago, it is reasonable.

"Pretty much." He kisses my cheek and let's go of me.

"Here's your cookie sweet pea! Enjoy!" She smiles and walks off, ruining the moment.

"Way to ruin our cute moment. Thanks." Raymon whispers in her direction. I just stare at the crumbling brick in my hand.

"I'm not vegan. Even if I was, this cookie probably has milk in it! And eggs!" I sigh, handing it to my boyfriend.

"I'll let you have some ice cream," he pauses, reaching for his bowl and a spoon. "if I get to feed you."

"That'll make Kayano think we're dating." I blush, turning back to my half empty tray of food.

"She's asleep." He gives me a quick kiss. "Along with rio and Fuwa and every other person who might taunt us. I thought you didn't care anyway."

"Hmpf!" I turn away from him and look out the window. He pinches my leg and chuckles at my childish behavior. "Only a little." I mumble. It was enough for him.

Raymon POV

"Anyaaa~" I hold a spoon of ice cream close to him. He smiles but doesn't turn. I get the spoon close to his mouth and he eats it, immediately returning to his pouting state. "Would you rather sit in my lap or are you going to eat from right there." I wave another spoon in his face.

He turns his head slightly, just enough so he can see me. He sighs and scoots onto my lap.

"It's much easier to feed you like this." I smirk as he eats more. I was about to take the utensil back out of his mouth when a flash surrounded us.

“This is going in the yearbook."

"We forgot about The teacher!" Anya whispers, sounding terrified. Opposite of what I hoped, others were waking up.

"Anya?! ARE YOU DATING THIS FREAK?! YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BE WITH ME! THAT’S HOW THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO GO!" Kayano started freaking out until a flight attendant told her to quiet down.

"Raymoooon~ did the lover boy finally get senpai to notice him?" Rio ruffles my hair.

"What's she talking about?" Anya looks up with innocent eyes.

"N-nothing. Just lay down. Go to sleep." He looked around skeptically, but did as I said, laying his head on my legs. After a few minutes of waiting I heard light snores. I chuckled a bit and kissed his forehead. He smiled in his sleep and I started playing with his hair.

"So Raymon!" Rio plops down in the seat next to me. "How long has this been going on?" I couldn't even get an answer out before others joined in.

"Did you just stutter?!"

"Did you just BLUSH?!"

"He's really a boy right?"

"Are you going to answer us?"

"Promise you won't kill Kayano!"

"SHUT! UP." I grab the pocket knife I snuck through customs and pulled it out. "Before somebody gets hurt. Anya doesn't like getting woken up." I double check to make sure he's asleep. People just start whispering questions.

"How would you know?"

"Guys! I think we killed Kayano!"

"Doesn't he stay at your house a lot?"

"I've seen them walking home together a lot recently."

"You're so cute together!"

"Don't you people have better things to do than provoke me?" I hiss, holding my knife tighter.

"Not really, no." Rio laughs as she shoos everyone away. "But we are not done talking about this!"

"Tsh, whatever." I mumble. Honestly! Do you guys not have other people to annoy? Leave me and my Ani-chan alone. I look down at him. He's so cute. "I'll protect you Anya." I hug his head closer to me.

"Thanks Raymon!” He cracks a smile.

"You!” He was awake?!

"Love youuu~" He kisses my cheek. "Goodnight jerk."



Jordie has been acting off lately. Ever since break he hasn't said a word. He occasionally gives me a soft smile but usually avoids eye contact.

"Jordie." I put a hand on his table, making him jump. "Don't ignore me. Speak up. What going on?" I kneel beside desk as a tear slips down his face.

"Blake? You see me? Why am I here?" He looks around the classroom, everyone's eyes suddenly on us.

"Rio? Kayano? Sugino? Can you see me?" He tilts his head so he can look past me. I don't hear a response so I turn to them. They stare at me with worried expressions.

"Are you deaf? He's talking to you." I glare at the three.

"What did he say? I wasn't listening." Kayano lies. She had to have heard him.

"He asked if you could see him. Are you-" I feel a cold hand on my arm, making the fist it rested on relax.

"They can't see me. I'm sorry." He breaks into hysterics. "I'm free! No torment! No attention!" He laughs like a maniac. "Don't you get it! You're my link! I don't have to go home! Ha! This is great!" He continues to laugh.

"Jordie? What the are you talking about? You're freaking me out." I back away slightly.

"Alright children take your seats." I barely hear Korosensei smile as he slithers into class.

"I'm freaking you out? I thought I was invisible! You are freaking me out!" He stands up.

"Why would you be invisible? I know you're pale but you aren't transparent!"

"Blake-kun? Who are you talking to?" Korosensei sweats.

"It's Jordie! How do you not recognize him?!"

"U...uh... Blake... Jordie is dead. It was ruled a suicide." I blink in surprise.

"What?" I ask as if I didn't hear his response. I couldn't have heard him right.

"He isn't there." I look back at Jordie who is smiling and twirling.

"Blakes my link to the mortal realm! He's my link to the mortal realm!" He starts dancing on his desk.

"Get down before you hurt yourself!" Is all I manage to gasp before he slips, causing his desk to fall over.

"They saw that." He pouts on the floor.

"What is happening?! He's right there! You can see him right?!" I look to Korosensei. He shakes his head. "I'm not crazy! Look he's sitting right there on the floor!" I point.

"Kaaaarmaaaaa~ you get to take me home! You know why?"


"Because you're my link to the mortal realm! I'm deaaaad! You should have joined me. I was gonna let you come too." He jumps onto my back.

"I'm crazy. I'm going insane!" I look around the room hoping somebody would wake me from my nightmare.

"Yea you're insane, but it looks good on you." He whispers in my ear.

"I am not going insane. Jordie is real. He's right here. I can't be crazy." I mumble to myself. Karasuma bursts in with a confused but worried expression.

"He's been like this since I got here." I hear Korosensei whisper before Karasuma clears his throat.

"Blake, come to my office." I pull myself off of the ground and take a step forward bet Jordie jumps in front of me.

"Mine! Get your own!" He clings onto my chest.

"It's not like he's my boyfriend or anything. That's gross." I whisper into his ear and continue walking. We reach the small office where the agent does most of his work in a matter of seconds.

"So," he sits at his computer and motions for me to sit across from him, Jordie still clinging to my chest. "you can see Jordie?"

"And hear me!" The bluenette slams his fists on the table. Karasuma stares at the shaking wood in shock.

"He's not happy with the situation either." I try to laugh it off.

"Is this a prank? This is no way to respect the dead." He starts searching the table.

"I swear I didn't do this!"

"Yea! I did this!" Jordie starts throwing pencils and papers.

"What the?!" The teacher stands.

"I am not doing this!" I try to grab Jordie so he would stop. He turns around and slaps my hand away.

"I'm done with people not being able to tell when I'm here. It was fun for awhile but now you look crazy. Could you just kill yourself so we can actually be together?" He turns to me, completely serious.

"Blake, don't listen to anything you're hearing." I barely hear him over the ringing in my ears.

"Blake," I snap out of my daze and focus on Jordie pressing a cold metal to my palm. "I want you to be with me. Forever." He guides my hands over the blade, suddenly taking over my body as I position the sharp edge on my neck. "Cut here?" He moves a little, just enough to draw blood.

"No~" I croak, my dry throat hating the feeling of speech. He nods and moves the tip of the blade to just above my heart.

"Here?" He asks as if it wasn't him asking how I wanted to die.

"Mhm." I whimper and back into a wall, not opening my eyes as I slide down and allow him to sit on my lap. He places his hands on the weapon I couldn't drop only to remove them with a sigh a second later.

"I'm not even sure this'll work. Just know that I love you, okay? I love you so much that I'm willing to kill you so we can be together. Don't forget that." He kisses me roughly, causing my eyes to open again. I kiss back as he places his hands back on the blade. "I really love you."


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