To Kill A Mockingbird POV By trijal kaistha

Key Moment #1: Atticus shot Tim Johnson's dog, revealing to Scout and Jem that he is the best shooter in Maycomb.

Jem: When I first heard the voracious bark from the psycho dog my heart skipped a beat like when I throw rocks across Maycomb lake. Scout and I ran out to the porch with Calpurnia to see a beast going insane barking his butt off. As soon as we saw that I tried to shelter Scout away in the mean time Calpurnia started yelling "Atticus! Atticus!". Atticus came dressed as he always is; in an old brown suit with shaggy hair. Along side with him was to my surprise the town's sheriff, Heck Tate. As the dog continued to let us hear hell, Atticus and Tate argued over something. Heck had taken out his rifle but shoved it into Atticus's hands. He began to approach a bit closer to the dog and held the rifle to his chest ready to shoot. Scout and I looked at each other with confusion thinking what is he doing. Then suddenly there was a crack that echoed through the sky. There stood Atticus with his rifle smoking and Tim Johnson lying lifeless across from him.

Key Moment #2: When Mayella Ewell testified at Tom Robinson's trial.

Tom: I sat there in my chair with hundreds of eyes staring through my soul. Their eyes made me feel this burning sensation in my heart. I began to sweat knowing that I have no hope of winning this case. I shifted my eyes to see the accuser sitting across the room being scolded by her father, Mr. Ewell. Mr. Atticus could tell that I was panicking and put his hand on my shoulder and said, "Don't worry Tom. We will fight this.". I don't know why but I calmed down. Along with the burning sensation coming from the eyes of others, I also had this sense of optimism that came from Mr. Atticus. BANG. Judge Taylor had slammed the hammer down and the trial had begun. Ms. Mayella was called up first to the stand. She began feeding lies to the court of how I had raped her where instead I had helped her. I looked around and saw others being convinced by her pretenses. I began to sweat even more with the overwhelming feeling of despair and hopelessness. Why did this happen to me? Why has God done this to me?

Key Moment #3: When Tom tried to escape prison but gets killed.

Tom: A sudden clank woke me up. It was the keys that fell from the sleeping guard. The moon shined on it to the point it twinkled like a star. I began to decide if I should try to escape or not. If I get caught I will be even in more trouble. The twinkling of the star reminded me of the times my family and I laid down and dream of a better. I have to escape. I have to help my family. I began to look around my cell for things that could help me, but only found a chain and couple of pennies. I began to try and break off a branch from the tree near my window. As I pulled off the branch it made a bit of noise. I slowly turned my head towards the sleeping guard hoping he didn't wake up. Thank God he didn't wake up. I slipped the branch underneath the metal door and dragged the keys towards me. After unlocking the door I dashed out the door. I tripped over the guards foot and he woke up in shock. He yelled with all of his soul, "The negro has escaped!". I got up and ran for my life. This prison was like a maze. A corner after another. I wasn't sure if I was getting closer to the door or not. Hiding out felt like a better option then running cluelessly. After having dozed off in my hiding spot; I was woken up by the sound of guards marching down the hall. I crept around to finally have found the exit out of this hellhole. I swung the door open with hope and a smile across my face but to be only greeted by a squad of guards instead of freedom. Each one of them had a rifle pointed towards me. Suddenly this cold feeling took over my body. I looked down and saw my shirt dripping red. I fell to my knees and looked up towards the guards. Suddenly I didn't see them but instead a wall of fire coming towards me.

Key Moment #4: When Boo saved Scout and Jem from Bob Ewell.

Boo:Screams echoed. I looked out my window and see a man attacking Jem . I opened the door but hesitated to step out. More screams sounded. I forced myself to save him. I thought to myself to save my friend. I grabbed a knife from my kitchen and began running as fast as I can I saw a man picking up this weird thing with legs. It is Scout! I grabbed the attacker's hand off of her and defended her. Fear wasn't the only thing that was in my head but something I never done before. Bravery. I can't lose my friends. The attacker wore raggedy clothes and smelled awful. He seemed to be drunk. Immediately I took out my knife and stuck it in his chest. I looked into his eyes and saw the same thing I do when I look into the mirror. A man who is angry and afraid.

Reflection: I believe that Mr. Crooke's purpose of this assignment was for us to use our imaginations and prior knowledge to fill the shoes of the characters from TKAM. Atticus had once said to understand someone you must know what it is like to be in their shoes. We have created a simulation of what certain characters felt like in key moments of the book. We filled the characters shoes and began to understand what they were going through in their mind. This assignment gave me the opportunity to push my imagination limits in writing and whip up something intriguing. I was able to conjure a story of how Tom Robinson had escaped from merely my imagination. Mr. Crooke was smart in assigning this because I think he was basing this whole assignment off of what Atticus had said. It is quite clever.

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