Ireland & Co

Update: Ireland is absolutely stunning. Proof below.

Also, scroll to the end. There's a little drama in our neck of the woods...

Cliffs of Mohr

It's a three hour bus across the island to see the Cliffs. Lots of build up to this "Colleen-Bucket-List-Item". It definitely lived up to expectation.
Just this past week, we visited Glendalough and Wicklow National Park which are just south of Dublin.

Wicklow National Park

Above: Wicklow and Guinness Lake.
Quite the tourist spot above... I was informed this where they filmed P.S. I Love You, followed by excited arm waving and screams from Judy (the other intern).


Gelndalough is a little town on the edge of County Wicklow, famous for it's lake trails and 10th century monastery.

As another update, the other intern who came at the same time as me, had some trouble with immigration. She was planning on staying for the year and hadn't booked her return flight when she arrived. Immigration didn't like that and so penalized her, making her book a flight home within 60 days. She booked her flight and attempted to appeal for a Visa but the paperwork has been slow...

Long story short: her 60 days is up this weekend. Saturday she flies back to Ontario and not sure whether she will be be coming back... I think it's hard for her to say goodbye to everyone so soon and so fast. Today was the first day we officially knew she wouldn't get the Visa in time. It's all a bit crazy but we've all been trusting God has a reason for it all.

The next couple weeks, I'll be flying solo for organizing Christmas parties and youth nights (yikes...). Time is flying though. I'll be back in the homeland in just a few weeks (WHAT)!

Prayer Requests (pleaseeeee): Safety and peace for the other intern; solo planning and coordinating without her; and starting Dressember in the freezing, Ireland weather!

love, from Dublin


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