Mental Health in Graduate Education helping our students help themselves

I think we can all agree.

Graduate education is a beautiful thing.

But grad school is HARD!

// and can sometimes send students over the edge //

"From impostor syndrome and other feelings of being out of place, to periods of isolation and to constant short- and long-term deadlines, graduate school presents serious potential challenges to students’ mental health."

"There’s also financial strain, navigating complex relationships with advisers and colleagues, the job market, and myriad other worries."

"We can't build a counseling center big enough to deal with this problem."

Dr. Paul Barreira, Harvard University Health Service

Suffice it to say our students are susceptible to dealing with mental health issues while in grad school.

issues exacerbated OR caused by ...

either way, they need help + support!

Susanna Harris, Founder

The PhDepression LLC

Ph.D. Candidate Microbiology

University of North Carolina

what can happen in six months . . .

MISSION. To empower the academic community to talk openly about mental health issues and the structural elements that underpin them by providing honest stories and curating resources.

VISION. To create a world in which academics can seek out help for their mental health just as easily as they do for their physical health and educational growth.


we are a community of storytellers

from different backgrounds

and different places

but with similar stories.

that are met with amazing reactions.

Thank you so much for creating this account! I am starting my dream PhD program this fall, and I started following this account because I was worried I might not be able to handle the program. Reading everyone's stories, I was able to relate so much to their "before" feelings and get hope reading their "afters." As a result, I've started therapy and depression medication.

Mental health in graduate education is an important topic.

Sites like PhDepression are paving the way for meaningful conversation + exchange.

Our McNair community can be part of the solution.

My hope is that we can continue to encourage our scholars with mindful behaviors that will support their wellness + growth.


Having meaningful conversations around the topic of mental health = essential.

would love our amazing community at the forefront.
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