Canbury School Newsletter 12th October 2018. issue 138

Dear Parents and Visitors

These last two weeks we have enjoyed two successful parents' evenings for Years 11, 12 & 13. Positive and realistic conversations were had between parents, students and subject staff.

We have come to the end of our 2019 Year 7 assessment week, which actually was spread over three weeks. Ms Boggi had the very enjoyable task of telephoning the families of the successful candidates offering them their place at Canbury. It is very exciting seeing the new Year 7 for 2019 beginning to take shape.

Following half term, we have our 'Meet the Teachers' evening on 1st November 7.00 - 9.00pm. This is an opportunity for all our new parents in Years 7, 8, 9 & 10 to put a face to the names they have been hearing about for six weeks. It also enables parents to enjoy drinks and nibbles with staff and each other.

This school year we will be delivering the Duke of Edinburgh programme in a different manner to previously. We are employing the services of Ben Bullen and his team to enable our students to complete their Bronze and Silver DofE awards. There is going to be a information evening for Years 9 and 10 on the 31st January, 4.30 - 5.30 followed by the Year 9 parents’ evening. If you would like to know more about Ben please see www.benbullenadventures.co.uk If any Year 8 students and their parents would like to attend, they are most welcome. We are arranging a DofE taster day for Year 8 in the summer term to get them expedition ready!

Social media is everywhere and it seems we just can't avoid it. However whilst there are many positive opportunities to be had on social media, there can be pitfalls too. One such platform which has been brought to my attention is IMVU app. I would urge you to take a look at this site for yourself and decide if it is one you wish your child to be viewing or indeed partaking in. Please do take a moment to remind your child that what they see on a screen may be very different from reality and that we all need to be screen safe and aware at all times.

I hope everyone has a enjoyable half term break. We look forward to welcoming all our students back with us on Monday 29 October at 8.10am.

Kind regards

Ms Clancy


Students of the week

Year 7

Carl in drama for some very believable work finding and acting out objects from the Imagination box.

Flora for some excellent work focusing and creating good physical characters with her “emotion mask” characters.

Well done to the whole of year 7 for a great Drama lesson this week and Carl particularly for his contributions to the class.

Year 7 historians all worked really well on their ‘History of Canbury School’ which took them around the building and school grounds looking for clues about the school’s past.

Year 8

Harry L for some great work in Mathematics. Phoebe for an excellent piece of Mathematics homework.

Kiran and Shaaiyon for super accurate measurements for density calculations in Physics. Al = 2.7 g/cm3. Fe = 7.8 g/cm3 - just so..

Harry L, Harry A, Kiran and Lucas for coming up with some excellent and creative ideas for our Christmas show skit in our 15 minute “Think Tank” session.

Well done to Harry A in Music for realising he is better at notation than he thought he was!

Elsewhere in Y8 Jack and Lucas, left, and Alannah and Phoebe, right, set to in a great team-building exercise. They were certainly busy!

Year 9

Evie for some great work in Mathematics and also some extremely thoughtful and astute comments in English.

Victor for continued good contributions in English and Oskar for his best half term ever. Rhian for some first rate spoken answers in English.

Alex for fantastic work in music, improvising over a C major chord on the piano and picking it up quickly. Evie and Armani for working together so well on their C major improvisation.

Year 10

Well done to Alex and Matt for two black belts this half term in Numeracy Ninjas in Mathematics and Louis and Pascal for one black belt.

Amy, Emily and Louis for scoring 90% or more in their fractions paper in Mathematics.

Joe for acheiving 85% on his Completemaths paper in Mathematics. This was the top mark by far. Well done Joe.

Congratulations to the whole of Year 10 Performing Arts group for their excellent work on Shakespeare this week, especially Rosie and Drew facing their fears and doing fantastic reading.

Year 11

Ijaaz and Luca for scoring 100% on their practice paper in English.


Year 7 were in the laboratory this week investigating whether water temperature makes a difference to how much sugar dissolves.
Meanwhile, Year 10 chemistry students were busy modelling ionic compounds.


Year 7s learnt about the different continents and oceans in the world in their Geography lesson. Zac created a beautifully shaded and labelled map which accurately identified all seven continents and five oceans.

Year 9s looked at the development gap in Geography this week. Evie produced some great explanations of the social, economic, environmental and political reasons for the difference between countries.


Year 7 made limping seagulls today and we got 6 nice ones and made a cube.

It is quite tricky because they can be left winged or right winged and you need them to be the same kind to make a cube.

Sports News

Canbury kayakers were once again out on the water at Thames Young Mariners making the most of the glorious Autumnal sunshine. The older boys all did their spray deck test this term - Dean in the first week, Joe & Alex in the last week. Congratulations to Harry C - Best Senior Paddler 2018, Zac, Phoebe and Armani - most Improved KS3 Paddlers 2018, and Lucas - Best KS3 Paddler 2018. Do see if you can spot the seal in the photo above - three different seals have been spotted at TYM this summer.
Year 7 Zac showing just how far he's come since arriving at Canbury in September!

House News and House Awards

Thank you to all the students for getting involved in the house events this half term, writes Miss Ross. Next half term there will be many more events from sporting to creative events for the students to get involved in. The first week back there will be a Halloween pumpkin designing competition. This event will run on Tuesday 30th October at lunchtime in the art room.

How scary will you go in the pumpkin carving competition?

The students will get 35 minutes from 1.00 - 1.35pm to work individually or in small groups within their house to carve and decorate their pumpkins to be judged by Ms Clancy and earn house points. Each student will receive five house points just for participation and further points will be rewarded for creativity and teamwork. So get your thinking caps on over the holidays and start wondering about how you want to decorate your pumpkin!

Some students who have been earning house points in a most amazing way are our fabulous new full-time Year 7s. They have all earned their first badge - green, for 15 house points. In addition Carl, Adam and Zac have also earned their blue badge, for achieving more than 30 house points. Very very well done to you all.


Meet the member of staff

In which we take a few minutes out of the day to learn a little more about a member of the Canbury Family. This week we shine a spotlight on Mathematics teacher Mrs Allen, who dreams of a life less arduous and wishes her eye sight was better than it is.

Mrs Allen - dreaming of a life of luxury.....

In which we take a few minutes out of the day to learn a little more about a member of the Canbury Family. This week we shine a spotlight on Mathematics teacher Mrs Allen.

Favourite way to unwind?

With a tapestry and a glass of wine in front of the television.

In another life, what path might you have followed?

International spy, but I'm not very observant and I get lost a lot.

Greatest Mathematician of all time?

I don't know about the greatest of all time, but Paul Erdos is said to have said that a mathematician is a device for turning coffee into theorems. He was an unusual man and we have a great book about him in the school library.

Thing you love most about your job?

I love it when someone says "Oh I get it now, that's easy" in surprised tones.

Thing you would change?

I would like a bigger room so our students could have bigger desks.

If you had an unlimited budget, what would you spend it on at Canbury and at home?

At Canbury I would like a purpose built building in its own grounds with lots of space and a swimming pool.

At home I would like a cook/housekeeper - in fact just a staff, so I could delegate everything.

Were you always a Mathematics whizz?

No, although I always liked Mathematics; it makes sense and you don't have to write essays. The feeling of elation when you struggle with it and get the right answer at the end just can't be beaten.

If you could travel back in time to when you were 16, what would you say to yourself?

Be braver, it will be all right.

Do you have any hobbies? (And do you have time to do them?!)

I like tapestry, embroidery, knitting and gardening. I am not very good at them anymore as my eyesight is no longer sharp enough. I don't get a lot of time. I have trimmed it down to tapestry and knitting, to do in front of the television and hoping someone else will do the things I want done in the garden.

Top tip for getting homework done?

Do it as soon as you get it, otherwise you forget what you were supposed to do.

Tell us one thing you're looking forward to about this half term.

A rest.





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