Autism By: alexia jordan and kaylee gross

What is Autism?

  • Autism is an effect that makes it difficult to communicate with others.


  • The symptoms usually come at two to three months of age and it turns towards specific voices, the grasping of fingers, and smiling when things are appropriate.
  • Also when a child becomes not responding to his/her name, playing with their toys unusually, and the disability of talking.

Causes of the disorder

  • The causes of this disorder could be genetically past or mothers illnesses during pregnancy.


  • Two stage process, the first one involves the process in general development screening and evaluation from a team of doctors .
  • Usually happens at the age of two.

How can you help yourself?

  • You can connect with other children that are your age and practice the education at your house.

Contact someone for help

  • Email to contact if your dealing with autism:
  • Phone number to contact if your dealing with autism: 1-800-950-NAMI (6264)


Created with images by BLW Photography - "74/365 - autism awareness."

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