seeds need help to grow witch means you have to give it enoghf sun light,water,plant it far enoghf down,and give it air by putting it outside.Taking care of a plant is much more diffaclt then it seems,huh.

After you take care of your seed,you have to take care of your seedling.In oreter to take care of your seedling,you have to do the same thing you did to your seed and you have to move it to diffrent climit and get worms to deposatrat and to give the worms scrap and paper to get the matearel to help your plant

now you have your yonge adult.sence your plant is a bit bigger,it would be a good idea to move it to a bigger space.the reson you should move your plant to a bigger space is becase when your plant gets bigger,it needs more of a lot of things,so when you move it,it gives you more space for what your plant needs to servie.

finaly,you have the muter stage.the muter stage is the last and final stage of the plant.the muter stage need the most attencin of all.when plant reches this stage,you need to,plant it outside,give some sheter every now and then so that it dosn't get to much rain are sun.taking care of a plant isn't as esay as it seems.

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