Resistance Is Fatal By Kreigs Legion

Anti-State War Machine EP

2015 | Punk

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“We never make mistakes, we're here to protect & serve. -- With an empty magazine, you're getting what you deserve."


  • Kreigs Legion formed as a punk & thrash supergroup in detroit in 2013.
  • Band member pedigrees have included: Gore, Pub Life, The Rogues, Hillside Stranglers, Son of Sam, Liberty 37, and more.
  • The band has released music on Streetrock Records and Greyzone records.


Luke Tatum

"Resistance is fatal to you." Isn't it insane how "resisting arrest" is a crime? We've actually granted a class of people the right to detain us against our will. What's worse, the mere act of denying cops this "right" can result is legalized murder. With almost no accountability, the Thin Blue Line Gang can do as it pleases, and make even the flimsiest excuse to get away with it.

Nicky P

This song breaks down so well the ideal of the modern police office. Long gone are the days of "peace officers." Our modern police are a poorly trained paramilitary group with a god complex. They live in a world where they are all heroes for going out and doing their job. Nevermind that they accepted whatever contract they work under like everyone else. Moreover their job consists of mostly revenue generation through enforcement of victimless crimes. They literally fund themselves on breaking up voluntary markets creating rampant price inflation and cartelization. Perhaps if there weren't so many unsolved rapes and murders across the country we might be able to buy into the lie a little easier but each day we see more victims of the thin Blue line. How many people were murdered in their own homes this year by police. How many of those officers saw justice? Google: Atatiana Jefferson.

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Nicky P