Cincinnati Youth Council for Suicide Prevention June 2018 Newsletter

On May 4th, 2018, the Cincinnati Youth Council for Suicide Prevention (YCSP) organized their first ever Youth for Survival Gala in honor of National Children's Mental Health Awareness Month. The YCSP was initiated in 2013 by Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC) to address the continued need for suicide prevention in Cincinnati, Ohio. Since then, approximately 100 youth have advised researchers in the emergency department on suicide screening, conducted their own youth-led research with peers and parents, and have actively participated and organized outreach activities in the community to prevent teen suicide. The YCSP partners with CCHMC, 1N5, and University of Cincinnati's (UC) Office of Innovations and Community Partnerships. The YCSP is facilitated by UC doctoral students Kristen Haddad and Lesley Dorhout and is advised by Lisa Vaughn, Ph.D., however, all decisions are made by youth council members. This ensures that all council activities are relevant, meaningful, and tailored to the specific needs and experiences of Cincinnati youth.

The first ever Youth for Survival Gala represents years of research, outreach, and dedication on part of the YCSP to reduce the prevalence of teen suicide in Cincinnati. With over 75 attendees and $3754 raised, the YCSP would like to thank all community members and sponsors who helped make this event a success! The YCSP plans to use these funds to spread awareness and pursue action for suicide prevention in the Greater Cincinnati community.

Based on the council's research and conversations with youth and families, their ultimate goal is to install satellite groups and lead interactive, peer-to-peer mental health workshops that will help cultivate positive mental health cultures within their own schools. We invite you all to join our journey toward a brighter future for Cincinnati youth. If you are a local high schooler, consider joining the YCSP as a council member. If you are a teacher, school administrator, or school personnel, we encourage you to inquire how the YCSP can help enhance your school's suicide prevention efforts. If you are a parent, doctor, or other stakeholder committed to making a difference in the lives of youth, please continue to follow our efforts via our social media outlets @cincyycsp (facebook, instagram, and twitter) or contact us at cincyycsp@gmail.com for ways to help the cause.

Thank you from the YCSP!

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