Biomimicry: Chameleon Jacket By Justin Jiang and WIlson Lin

Explorers may run into dangerous animals like bears, wolves, and all sorts of wild beasts. Our jacket helps them solve this problem. It is designed to be a camouflage. We used chameleon's ability of changing color as our base of development.

Chameleons are able to change their color with the special nanocrystals in their skin. They change color by adjusting the spacing between crystals, which causes different wavelengths to be reflected. We mimicked the nanocrystals and put them in the jacket. By adjusting the watch and the control pad on the back, the color of the jacket will change for the same reason as the chameleons change their skin.


The big crystal on the back is the control panel of the jacket, and the watch is the controller of the jacket, by changing the setting, the color of the jacket changes depending on how you set it. The watch and the crystal are connected with Bluetooth. When command is given from the watch, the crystal will receive the signal and adjust every single nanocrystal and pigment to make the man wearing this jacket nearly invisible.

Our jacket will help explorers avoid dangerous animals in the forest. Once in danger, they could adjust the setting of the watch and blend into the nature. The hungry beast would then walk away, and the explorers will be safe.


"Skin changes color : Short-horned Chameleon." AskNature. N.p., 7 Feb. 2016. Web. 26 Apr. 2017.

Created By
Justin Jiang

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